There Will Never Be Another Top Gun

I’m about to tell you that there will never, ever be another movie like Top Gun. Never again will a movie be made about American jets blowing up jets of another major nation.

I first saw Top Gun in the movie theater when I was about 11 or 12 years old. There are some big positives and big negatives to the movie. The style, action, and pacing of the film are all great of course. Watching jet fighter battles is awesome…that’s what made Star Wars a hit. Tom Cruise also plays a very good Alpha Male (though Kelly McGillis was not attractive at all and the sex scene was, and still is, one of the most absurd things I’ve ever seen in a movie).

The problem is the movie is stupid. A bunch of American jet fighters blast away a bunch of Soviet aircraft, then everyone’s happy and throws a party. The end.

Uh, no. If that had actually happened in 1986, the world would have become a smoking ash cinder because World War Three would have instantly commenced and the nukes would be flying.

So Top Gun was cool, but stupid.

Regardless, I have always wished for another hyper-cool jet fighter movie like Top Gun. How amazing would it with today’s special effects to see a modern version of Top Gun with F-22 Raptors battling in the sky with a few Sukhoi 35s? Oh my god. That would be one of the few movies I’d have to see multiple times in the theater.

But no. Since the 80s, they’ve never made another move like this. And they never will. Why?

Because the world has become too small, too interdependent. People would freak out if a major American movie studio put out a film where American soldiers actually killed Russian soldiers (or Chinese soldiers, or whatever), and then celebrated a victory. Russian folks actually protested the last Indiana Jones movie since it portrayed Russians as the bad guys (in the 1950s!). The Red Dawn remake in 2012 had the enemy nation switched from China to North Korea at the last minute in post production (and that film came and went so fast you probably didn’t even notice it).

It just can’t be done any more. Too many people would get mad, and Hollywood knows it.

That’s why the closest you’ll get to a Top Gun is a movie like Independence Day or Air Force One, where fighter jets fight aliens or terrorists. But never another major nation.

Ah, the end of an era.

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