Time Management for The Younger Man

In celebration of the Alpha Male 2.0 Younger Man Lifestyle Toolkit, which is available NOW but will NOT be available TONIGHT at 8 p.m. EST (so you’d better hurry up and get it here right now if you want it), in this article I’m going to describe time management skills as they specifically apply to younger men, meaning men aged 18 to 34 (or so).

It’s not like there are certain time management skills that work for certain age groups and not others. Any effective time management skill will work for any man of any age. The issue is that younger men are prone to a different set of time management problems than older men (and older men are prone to their unique set of time management difficulties).

This means that younger men must be aware of the specific problems, limitations, and negative tendencies that affect them so they can overcome these issues and be more effective with their time.

As I’ve talked about in my courses and books, time is the only resource that is non-renewable. Money, women, your car, your house, your girlfriend, your job, your business, all of these things can be replaced if lost. If you lose money, you can make it back. If you gain weight, you can lose it again. If your MLTR or OLTR dumps you, you can go get a new one.

But if you’re 27 years old and waste that entire year by being lazy, stupid, or spastic (i.e. focused on the wrong things) then when you turn 28 your entire year of being 27 is gone forever. You can never, ever get it back. You can’t renew it. It’s gone FOREVER and there’s literally nothing you can do about it.

That applies not just to this year, but this month, and even today. This is why I am so ruthlessly anal and protective of my time. It’s literally the only resource I have in my entire life that I can’t renew if it’s lost. If you steal $1000 from me, that sucks, but I can make that money back. But if you waste ten minutes of my time, you’ve permanently murdered those ten minutes and I can never get those back… no matter how hard I work, how good I am, how healthy I become, how much I get laid, or how much money I make.

That’s why time management is perhaps the most crucial and pivotal skill you can possibly learn. (Marketing and sales would be a close second though.)

If you’re a younger guy here are the three biggest problems you have in terms of your time management.

Problem #1 – Younger men waste their time and energy on stupid shit.

Remember these two phrases:

Activity does not equal accomplishment.

Activity does not equal growth.

A lot of younger guys delude themselves into thinking that if they spend a huge amount of time on something they are actually getting something big accomplished regardless of what that thing is.

You could spend 35 hours a week engrossed in politics reading political articles, watching political YouTube videos, reading political books, debating politics with your friends, paying close attention to political news, arguing with people about politics online, and so on. After all that activity and mental work, it feels like you’ve accomplished something. But you haven’t. You’ve just wasted 35 hours that you’ll never get back accomplishing literally nothing that will help literally no one (neither you nor society). Yet, it feels like you’re getting important stuff done.

The same goes for if you spend 35 hours a week working on your car in the garage, 35 hours a week spending time with your temporary girlfriend, 35 hours a week at the shooting range, and even 35 hours a week playing a really complicated and engrossing video game. It feels like you’re accomplishing something when you spend that amount of time doing these things. But you aren’t.

You should instead take that time and put it into activities that actually yield real, positive, long-lasting results for you like building your Alpha 2.0 Business, going out on first dates, meeting women, working out or exercising and so on.

Activity does not equal accomplishment.

Activity does not equal growth.

Problem #2 – Younger men tend to over-focus on one area to the detriment of others.

Because they generally have more freedom of time than older men, many younger men have a tendency to over-focus on one area of their lives and let all the other areas of their lives slide by.

I come out of the pick-up artist world, and I’ve spoken with many pick-up artists who have been guilty of this exact scenario; they spend most of their twenties and/or early thirties banging chicks. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with banging chicks, but these guys focus on this to the detriment of all other key areas of their lives. By the time they hit 35 years old, they suddenly realize, to their horror, that they have little to no money, no savings, no investments, no valuable job or business skills, and they’ve never made more than about $30,000 a yearat age 35. Many of them also have little to no relationship experience… just lots of pick-up and sexual experience, which is not the same thing.

The beta male example which I’ve also seen is the opposite. A young business nerd blows his brains out with work and ignores the woman side of his life. By the time he’s in his late twenties or early thirties, he’s making a strong six-figure income and may even have his own business. That’s fine, but he’s only had sex with perhaps two or three women in his entire life, or worse, he now has a traditional Dominant girlfriend or wife who runs his life. (I was partially guilty of this myself when I was a young man.)

You must focus on your business life and your woman life as a younger guy. Both, not one or the other. You don’t necessarily have to do them at the exact same time, but at a minimum your overall plan is to address them equally over a 2-4 year period at the most.

Problem #3 – Younger men tend to try to do too many things at once.

These are the younger men who are the opposite of the younger men I just described. These are the spastic, talkative, high-energy, shoot first ask questions later guys, usually extroverts. Instead of over-focusing on one thing they focus on eight or nine different things all at the same time and then wonder why they don’t get anywhere.

These are the excited young men who tell me, “Okay Caleb! What I want to do this year is I want to make a six-figure income, start two businesses, get three MLTRs and two FBs on rotation, get down to 9% body fat, get a 3.8 GPA at college, and get my black belt. How do I do that?”

The answer is you don’t do that. That’s way too much. No one could accomplish all of those things starting from zero in just 12 months. I’m a high energy, high testosterone, super organized, ultra motivated workaholic that will outwork 99% of men reading these words, and I couldn’t do all of those things in 12 months.

I know some of you are excited and impatient, but you’re not Superman. None of us are. Instead, you need to pick two of those things and just work on those two. Hit them hard. As soon as you finish one, then add another one from your list. Eventually you’ll get them all done. It will take a few years, and that’s okay. You’re young. You have plenty of time.

If you want help on exactly how to accomplish these things, the Alpha Male 2.0 Younger Man Lifestyle Toolkit is over eight hours of video and audio training on how to maximize your Breakout Phase so that you will profit both in business and in your woman life both now and in your subsequent life phases. It’s available right now, here, for a few more hours until I shut down the shopping cart at 8 p.m. EST. Get it while it’s available.

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