Top 10 Countries With The World’s Most Beautiful Women

What are the top 10 countries in the world with the most beautiful women based on the typical guy’s opinion of what “beautiful” means? Since everyone is different, guys can have radically different opinions on what “beautiful” means.

I’ve literally traveled the world and spoken with hundreds of men about the best places to find the most attractive women. In this article, I’m going to take all the data I’ve compiled while traveling the world and create a list of the countries with the most attractive women in the world.

A few things before we begin. First, I am not talking here about the best places to move to. I’m only talking about the places where the women are the most physically attractive—no other factor. Second, I’m also not talking about the best places to date women or the easiest places to get laid or find the nicest women. For instance, probably the easiest country on the planet to get laid is the Philippines, but the Philippines isn’t even on this list because we’re only talking about physical attractiveness.

Finally, as I said, every man has different opinions on what’s attractive. Some men really like Asian women, and some guys don’t care for them, for instance. So it’s been difficult to sort this into a top 10 list. What I did, as best as I could, was sort the list according to what most men tend to like. The hierarchy on this list may not match what you, in particular, may like. Just keep that in mind.

10. South Africa

Personally, I have never been to South Africa, but I have interacted with South African women and spoken with many men who have spent time there. The general consensus is that women in South Africa look pretty damn good. Charlize Theron is from there, incidentally. Obviously, you can’t make generalizations based on her, but you get my point. Based on the data I’ve got, South Africa is pretty good in terms of the hotness of women, and it’s on the list of countries I’ve wanted to visit for a while but haven’t had time.

Also, I find the Afrikaans accent, at least for white women in South Africa, to be pretty sexy, but that might just be me.

9. Brazil

There are lots of Brazilian models, and Brazilian women tend to be very sex-positive as well. They have a much lower ASD than other women, and some Brazilian women are kind of crazy, but they are attractive. That is a pretty general consensus that I’ve found.

Brazilian women are a specific type; you’re looking at women who have big butts and nice boobs but aren’t quite as curvy and exaggerated as Colombian women. They are certainly more attractive than Argentinian women, who I find kind of “normal” in terms of attractiveness.

Very few men think Brazilian women are ugly, and most find them very attractive. They’re not personally my type, but I do certainly see the appeal.

8. Ukraine

Ukrainian women are not quite as attractive as Russian women, but they are still very, very attractive, especially if you like blonde women. They have amazing bodies, very pretty faces, and they tend to be taller, for those of you who like that.

I have mentioned before the trouble with dating Russian and/or women from former Soviet republics. That’s a topic for another time; you can check that out on my blog if you want to. Again, we’re just talking about physical attractiveness.

7. Sweden

Oh my God, Swedish women are so attractive, it’s kind of ridiculous, especially if you like blonde women (I do). They’re not quite as curvy or busty as Russian or Ukrainian women. The culture and the vibe are certainly very different for Swedish women, but we’re not talking about culture here either.

I’m not really an authority here, but for my money, you could put all three northern Scandinavian countries in this category. Finnish and Norwegian women are also very hot.

6. Venezuela

Venezuelan women are super hot. There’s no surprise here because they tend to win a lot of worldwide beauty pageants. It also borders Colombia, which is another country full of smokin’ hot women.

Venezuelan women are not quite as curvy as Colombian women; they’re a little smaller, and once the country itself gets over its problems (which will be a long time from now), you could certainly travel there and check out the woman situation. They’re some of the most attractive women in the world.

5. Russia

In terms of face and body, in terms of hips, tits, ass, white skin, blonde hair, etc., Russian women are some of the hottest in the world.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the most popular articles I’ve ever written on my blog talked about why I no longer date Russian women. They are extremely difficult to date and have in relationships for a number of reasons, but that’s beyond the scope of this article. Just be aware that there are problems and dangers involved with dating Russian women because of the darkness of that culture.

4. South Korea

These are probably the hottest Asian women in the world. That doesn’t mean other Asian women aren’t attractive, but Korean girls are really hot. That’s another country I haven’t visited yet, but I’m definitely headed that way next year and will probably spend some significant time there.

3. Romania

Romanian women are really attractive. I have dated several Romanian women, and there are plenty of them in other places, like Italy and Sicily, places I’ve spent quite a bit of time myself. Unlike Ukrainian and Russian women, Romanian women kind of run the gamut in terms of looks and hairstyles, so it’s very hard to pigeonhole what a Romanian woman looks like.

Bottom line, hell to the yes! Romanian women are ridiculously good-looking. A lot of you guys go to Romania specifically for that reason. We could probably do a whole article on Romanian women, and they’re easily #3 on this list.

2. Japan

Japanese women are unbelievably attractive if you don’t mind (or if you like) small boobs (I don’t, personally). Just go to Tokyo and walk around and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s as simple as that. Right now, in the middle of COVID, everyone’s wearing masks, and you won’t get the full experience until everyone stops wearing masks. But when you just walk around, you will see some of the hottest women on planet Earth.

Not only are Japanese women super hot, but they also present very well. They make themselves up and they know how to work it. I have worked with and spoken with many guys who are getting laid all over the place in Japan after having quite a bit of trouble in their home countries. They’re shocked by how easy it is. Yeah, Japanese women are really attractive.

1. Colombia

This is no surprise if you know my content or if you’ve heard me talk about this before. Colombian women are very curvy, they have amazing skin and hair, they have very pretty faces for the most part—these are probably the best-looking women in the world unless you don’t like overly feminine-looking women. If you like your women a little skinnier or smaller, you may not agree with this ranking. But according to the data I’ve gathered, most men like curvy women with attractive faces. And that’s Colombia.

If you’ve never been there, I strongly suggest you at least visit there for a week. If you’re going there for women in particular, you might want to go to Medellin, although Bogota is a good place too. I usually spend time there for business reasons, but yes—Colombian women are amazingly, ridiculously hot. There’s a whole variety of women there, and very few disagree with this.

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