Ultimate Open Marriage Manual and Video Course Now Available To Order

Ultimate Open Marriage Manual and Video Course Now Available To Order

The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual and Video Course is now available, but just for four days until I shut off the shopping cart on Monday at 8 p.m. EST.

Click here to get it now.

Your options are:

Option 1: The Ebook. 103,000 words with 31 chapters in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle formats. $57.

Option 2: The Full Suite. Includes the ebook, the unabridged audiobook (9.5 hours in standard MP3 format), The Ultimate Version of The Ultimate Open Relationships Manual (the ebook, unabridged audiobook, audio trainings, and supplemental ebooks), and a live video group coaching session with me in two weeks. You get all of that for $97.

Option 3: The Video Course. Includes everything in Option 2 plus the full video course (five hours of videos in 18 lessons). $347.

Possible Discounts

If you are in the SMIC program, your 15%/25% discount code is listed inside the member’s site. Just go there and get it right before you order.

If you have purchased the old open marriage book How To Create or Convert To An Open Marriage in the last 24 months, send a copy of your receipt to theonlyblackdragon@gmail.com and we will send your discount code for 50% off options 1 or 2 or $50 (that’s fifty dollars, not fifty percent) off option 3. Notice I said 24 months; before it was 12 months but I’m full of sweetness and love so it’s 24 months now. (Also, as usual, please don’t email my staff and ask if they can “look it up” if you ordered the book or when or whatever. That’s not their job. Please be organized.)

I will be standing by to address any last-minute issues. Remember that on Monday this all goes away. Click here to get it now!

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