Western Collapse – The Left Has A Horrible Plan, The Right Has No Plan

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In 1991 then president George H.W. Bush launched a short war against Iraq. This was the first of the two Iraq wars and the one most people have forgotten about.

I was only 20 years old at the time and hadn’t yet formulated my political opinions. I wasn’t sure if I was right or left, and I didn’t even know what libertarianism was. (Libertarianism existed back then but wasn’t a mainstream-known concept like it is today.) I knew there were two camps, right/Republicans and left/Democrats and I could somewhat identify them, but that was it.

During this brief war, the left executed mass protests against the military action in most cities across the USA. It got a lot of play on the news, and I watched. After seeing journalists attempt to interview protesters several times, I realized that the left wing was insane and didn’t have any real answers, even though I agreed with them that this war seemed a little stupid.

Here’s why. Every time a journalist would interview a protester, the conversation would go like this:

Journalist: Okay, if you’re against this war, what would you have done instead? Iraq invades Kuwait and upsets the entire Middle East upon which we rely for oil. What would you do if you were in charge?

Protester: Well, I wouldn’t invade the country with 400,000 troops! That’s horrible! It’s a war crime!

Journalist: Okay, that makes sense. So that’s what you wouldn’t do. What would you do?

Protester: Well, I wouldn’t bomb a bunch of cities, I can tell you that!!!

Journalist (starting to get irritated): Yeah, okay, I get what you wouldn’t do. Got it. You already said that. But if you were President, what would you DO?

Protester: Well, I wouldn’t kill a bunch of innocent people!!!

Journalist: <sigh>

I saw this happen several times, over and over again. And no, this wasn’t just with young, dumb twenty-year-olds. This happened with experience older left-wingers as well.

This is when I first realized that the left really didn’t have any answers to a lot of tough questions. They were just saying no.

Just saying no isn’t a strategy to build and maintain a prosperous and free society.

Fast forward about 30 years, and now the USA is collapsing right before our eyes and has been involved in, many more wars far more evil and destructive than that little spat in Iraq back in 1991.

And one of the many reasons for this is that those on the right wing have also lost their answers.

Several years back I saw someone on the left point out that the problem with the right is that they don’t know what they want. They just know what they don’t want. The right wing just says no to things.

I thought about that statement as objectively as I could, and I realized it was absolutely correct, especially regarding today’s hyper-irrational, Trump-worshipping, big-government-loving version of the right wing.

Wokeism bad. Feminism bad. Hillary bad. Biden bad. Illegal immigrants bad. Hollywood bad. Not having kids bad. Transgender kids bad. World Economic Forum bad. Hamas bad.

Bad bad bad. No no no.

Just saying no isn’t a strategy to build and maintain a prosperous and free society.

If you asked most prominent right-wing figures from today or even the past several years (Donald Trump, Candice Owens, Steven Crowder, Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, etc) to lay out exactly what kind of society they would design from the ground up, in detail and not talk about what they wouldn’t do, they couldn’t do it. They’d have no idea. What they would instead do is say, “Well I sure as hell wouldn’t have THIS!!!” and then list a bunch of things they didn’t like, just like those idiotic left-wing protesters during the first Iraq war.

I’m not saying they would have literally zero to say about what they wanted. They’d give some general platitudes about low taxes or a “focus on the family” and other right-wing memes, but that’s all you’d get out of them besides a giant list of what they would ban, not allow, or not want.

This is the opposite of me. Several years ago I wrote a 10-part series on exactly what I would do if I was in charge of a country. I didn’t talk about what I wouldn’t do, because just saying no isn’t a strategy to build and maintain a prosperous and free society. I instead talked about exactly what I would do, and give specifics regarding the Constitution, monetary policy, tax policy, foreign policy, trade policy, police protection, welfare, and everything else. You can read the series right here (scroll down to the Libertarianism section; it’s the “Designing A New Nation series”).

Whether or not you agree with me on how I would do it isn’t the point. The point is I can articulate it, and most right-wingers today can’t.

Now let’s look at the left. If you asked someone like Cenk Uygur, Bernie Sanders, Ana Kasparian, RJK Junior, or shit, even Barak Obama to write out exactly how they would structure a nation from the ground up, what they would do and not what they wouldn’t do, they’d easily be able to give you pages and pages of specifics.

Of course, this is the left we’re talking about, so such a document would describe a quasi-socialist welfare-state nightmare hellscape that would give me sweat-soaked nightmares for about a month. But again, that’s not the point. The point is they could do it.

Seriously, think about it. Picture two reasonably young people, perhaps age 30, who are politically extreme. One is a woke-as-fuck, delusional, extreme left-winger lesbian feminist and the other is a ranting, screaming, Trump-worshipping, hick, tradcon Christian wearing a MAGA hat.

You separated and isolated them and told them both to write a 25+ page document on exactly how they would design a nation and a society from the ground up and you’re NOT allowed to say ANYTHING about what you WOULDN’T do. And you had to complete it in 60 minutes or less. And you had no access to the internet for any Google or ChatGPT cheating.

How do you think they would do with that assignment?

I can tell you for a fact that, while they both wouldn’t do it to the level I did, the woke lesbian would easily be writing down pages and pages of precise and horrific specifics while the Trump supporter would be very stumped and have a really rough time, pounding his head trying to think of ideas beyond overly-general platitudes like “freedom” and “family.”

And that’s the problem, and one of the many reasons why the Western world is in a state of collapse and one of the reasons why the right got their asses kicked by the left vis-à-vis the culture war about 15 years ago.

The left has a plan. And it’s horrible.

The right has no plan. They just say no.

And just saying no isn’t a strategy to build and maintain a prosperous and free society.

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Question of The Week

What to Sell, What To Give Away

G.B. Writes:

I’m launching a coaching business and will be offering some online courses. Initially, I planned to write a book, but based on your advice, I’ll postpone that until I’m generating more revenue. I’ve begun posting on social media and developing my lead magnet.

The challenge I’m facing is determining which information to sell and what to offer for free. Do you have a formula for this? If not, what approach would you suggest? I’m looking for a clear formula to follow.

Thanks for all that you do.

Good question. There are several formulas for this.

Option 1: Break out your information into several categories:

General Information (what to do) – Give it away for free.

How-To-Information (how to do it) – Charge for it, but don’t charge a lot.

Niched How-To-Information (exactly how to do it in very specific scenarios) – Charge for it, and charge a decent amount.

Profitable Niched How-To-Information (exactly how to do it in specific scenarios that can make the customer/client a lot of money and/or other massive result) – Charge for it, and charge a lot.

Option 2: A simplified version of Option 1. Tell them WHAT to do for free, all of it, with no limit. The HOW TO DO IT information you charge for.

Option 3: Give them everything for free, both what to do and how to do it. Yes, that means you give away everything and make all of your free stuff awesome. But then you say, okay, there’s all the tedious shit you have to do to get your result, go ahead and do it… or… you can pay me and I’ll do it all for you (or with you). Then you sell them coaching/consulting/service that does it for them or with them.

Any of the above options work; pick the one that most accurately reflects what you’re selling and the niche you’re selling it to.

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