Who Is Alpha Male 2.0 For?

The release of The Maximum Freedom Course (less than four days left to get it!) has brought up some questions about exactly who Alpha Male 2.0 is for. Is it for everyone? If not, what type of man is it for?

I’m right in the middle of promoting the course so I didn’t want to post anything too controversial, but I feel strongly about what I believe, and most of what I believe is backed by the facts and the research, so I’m going to proceed anyway and perhaps upset of a lot of readers today with what I’m about to say. So be it. On a semi-regular basis, I get people saying “Yeah, this Alpha 2.0 stuff is great, but it doesn’t apply to everyone.”

Correct. You’re god damn right it doesn’t. Nor do I want it to be.

I received that comment so often (and still do) that I finally had to write this article, clearly stating that Alpha Male 2.0:

  • Is not for everyone, and was never designed to be. (I follow my own business advice. I niche.)
  • Would never be embraced by society in any full-scale way even if I was world-famous and endorsed by other respected, world-famous people.

As I’ve said before, the freedom-based lifestyle taught in The Maximum Freedom Course is for these two types of men, and only these two types:

1. Beta males who are sick and tired of being slaves (to their girlfriends, wives, bosses, families, or whomever) and have the balls to go through a little growing pains to get to a more free and happy masculine life.

2. Alpha Male 1.0s who are sick and tired of all the work and drama their life regularly contains and have enough of an open mind to be a little flexible on their “traditional” (a nice way of saying “outdated”) philosophies.

These two types of men are rare. I roughly estimate that those two kinds of men comprise about 10% of men in the Western world, at best.

They are rare because:

A. Most beta males are pussies. I don’t like saying that but it’s a factual statement. Most beta males don’t have the balls to make the changes necessary to actually be long-term happy. They don’t like being unhappy; it’s just that the changes needed to achieve Alpha 2.0 status are too scary for them. Betas would rather be unhappy than scared. It’s just the way they are. Most of them, anyway.

B. Most Alpha Male 1.0s are pretty rigid. I love Alpha Male 1.0s and I vastly prefer their company over that of betas, but Alpha 1.0s aren’t exactly the most flexible thinkers. They’re not exactly wide open to new ideas. Again, I don’t like saying that, but that certainly represents my experience. I mean, shit, even I will radically change my mind on strongly held opinions when presented new arguments and evidence (as I demonstrated here, as just one example), because I think that’s a sign of a rational thinker. But most Alpha 1.0s aren’t interested in this no matter what facts you show them. Alpha 1.0s would rather be subjectively “right” than be happy. Most of them, anyway.

There are, indeed, a small percentage of betas who have some balls and a small percentage of Alpha 1.0s who value happiness over philosophy, and those are the ones all of my Alpha Male 2.0 content is for. If you’re in either of those categories, you need to get this course before I close enrollment on Thursday evening. This course was designed specifically for YOU. Yes, YOU are the guy I made that course for. YOU.

I don’t mean to say that all betas or Alpha 1.0s who reject Alpha Male 2.0 are somehow bad or wrong. They aren’t. In this article I described the “self-aware beta male.” This is a type of beta who is well aware that how he lives his life will never make him long-term happy and he fully admits it. He admits that he’s either too lazy or too scared to do anything better and has consciously chosen to remain a beta male. He’s not one of these angry guys who scream that sex isn’t important or that making a good income is immoral. No, he clearly admits that these things are important, just that he chooses to not pursue them for his own reasons.

I have no problem with these guys. They’re making a conscious decision based on the facts and they’re not deluding themselves. I don’t agree with their decision at all, since I think the entire point of life is long-term consistent happiness (and that you must be a good person in order to achieve this), but I respect their decision. They’ll never be as happy as me, but they’ve made their own conscious choice not to be.

There are “self-aware Alpha Male 1.0s” as well. These are not the furious, traditional conservative Trump-worshipper types screaming about Mexicans, cucks, socialists, or whatever else while defending drama or cheating. Rather, these are those Alpha Male 1.0s who say (usually in behind closed doors in private) something like, “Yeah, I have a lot of drama with my women and I hate it. And yeah, I fucking hate working in the corporate world. What you teach works, but… I’m just not going to do it. It’s just not for me. And yeah, I’ll never be as happy as you, I get that.”

Again, I have no problem with these guys. They’re being rational and making their own informed choice. Again, it’s a choice I strongly disagree with, but at least they’re rational and self-aware enough to admit the negatives of their choice.

This means that those magical (at least to me) 10% of men my content is for are the betas and Alpha 1.0s who are not the scared/rigid guys and not the “I consciously choose to be less happy” guys. They’re the guys who are tired of not being happy and choose to be more happy. Again, that’s only going to be about 10% of them.

(This brings up the argument stating that Alpha Male 2.0 may not be the only way to achieve long-term happiness as a man, and that they’re may be alternate lifestyle models that may do this. That’s a very different topic than the one I’m examining today and one I will address in a future article.)

The Salad Bar Approach

The interesting aspect about all of this is that the freedom-based lifestyle of the Alpha Male 2.0 encompasses a lot of different areas. It’s not just about money, or business, or sex, or anti-aging, or time management, or investing, or nonmonogamy, or whatever. It includes all of those things, plus more.

Some guys simply pull the parts they want and leave the rest, salad bar style. I have readers and customers who are traditionally, monogamously married just like everyone else but closely follow Alpha 2.0 business models. I have other readers/customers who have a corporate job and never plan on leaving it, but follow Alpha Male 2.0 nonmonogamous relationship structures and love it.

The Maximum Freedom Course, as well as all of my Alpha 2.0 content, covers a lot of bases. While I think all of these bases are important, that’s just me. Feel free to pull just those that interest you and ignore the rest. If all you did was convert your income to location-independent, or if all you did was add one woman to your sexual rotation (going from one woman to two), your life would be orders of magnitude better. Go for it.

For those of you who missed the live webinar on Friday night, you are welcome to watch the replay of it here. It’s well over an hour where I go through all the course concepts in detail and field a lot of questions.

The course and its two add-on courses are on sale now but I will shut everything off Thursday night. Just three and a half days left…

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  • Donald
    Posted at 09:11 am, 3rd September 2019

    Agree with everything but non-monogamy. But finally found a solution: looking for a bisexual women to OLTR with. Only letting her sleep with other women. I don’t care if she has sex with other women – but other men? No – no triggers my alpha 1.0 rage tendencies…

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 09:55 am, 3rd September 2019

    But finally found a solution: looking for a bisexual women to OLTR with. Only letting her sleep with other women.

    That can work if you don’t mind the extra amount of time and screening work that will take in order to find such a person. In other words, you’ll have to find a woman who is hot AND low-drama AND attracts you emotionally AND and loves to fuck women (bi-sexual and loves to fuck other women are two different things) AND doesn’t mind you fucking other women while she can’t fuck other men AND so on AND so on. Those women exist but you’ll have to be very, very patient while you’re looking for one. It may take years. Then when she breaks up with you, you’ll have to do it all over again.

    My system is less work.

    I don’t care if she has sex with other women – but other men? No – no triggers my alpha 1.0 rage tendencies…

    Rage tendencies are something you should work on, not accept.

  • Chuck
    Posted at 09:52 am, 8th September 2019

    Hey Caleb, I recently purchased the Maximum Freedom course but never received a password reset email for SMIC. Is there a customer support email I can reach out to about this?

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 11:29 am, 9th September 2019

    The customer service email for everything is theonlyblackdragon@gmail.com as always, but I just checked and you’ve already been set up for this. If you don’t see that email check your spam/Social/Promotions folders. If you still can’t find it then email them.

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