Why Do I Talk About Politics?

If I think that there are no political answers to today’s big problems, and that political activism or action is useless, then why do I talk about politics?

It’s a valid question. And I have a valid answer.

Most content providers talk about politics in order to persuade you to take some kind of political action. They do this by either preaching to the choir about how evil the other side is (examples: Fox News on the right and Huffington Post on the left) or by attempting to persuade you to shift your position to theirs (examples: Steven Crowder on the right and Young Turks on the left).

Either way, they’re hoping that by talking about politics, you’ll take some kind of political action on their side in order to Save Society™ from those psycho, authoritarian progressives, or those evil, greedy conservatives (depending on which side of the debate they’re on).

I talk about politics for the exact opposite reason. I talk about politics so as to educate you on how useless your political actions actually are, and that you would be far better served if you used your very limited time to better yourself rather than to Save Society™.

I talk about politics to show you that time and again, people try, and try, and try to solve problems societally and politically, only to have it blow up in their faces, continue the status quo, or even make things worse. From the Russian Revolution, to President Johnson and the Vietnam war, to Barack Obama, and even to Donald Trump, people keep enthusiastically supporting political groups or individual saviors who end up being massive disappointments at best, complete cluster fucks at worst.

Every time I talk about politics, I’m showing you the failure of politics, the failure of political actions, and the failure of political “solutions.”

One of the primary reasons I live such a good life is that I refuse to use systems that don’t work, even if society incorrectly tells me they do. Going to college. Long-term monogamy. Investing in the US stock market. Getting a “good” corporate job to rely on. These are all systems that don’t work, or at least don’t work anymore. So I don’t do them.

Voting and political activism also doesn’t work, or doesn’t work anymore, so I don’t do it. I don’t utilize systems in my life that don’t work. You shouldn’t either, assuming if you value your time and return on effort.

If you want to follow politics just for fun as a hobby because it’s entertaining to you, then that’s fine. But if you actually engage in any action (including voting in national elections) with the intent of actually changing anything meaningful in your life or the lives of your loved ones, then you’re literally wasting your time. Every post I’ve made on my blogs about any political topic shows this to be the case. In the long-term, you won’t accomplish a thing, and many times, you’ll actually be part of the problem by making things worse.

You don’t have very much free time. You only have a few hours each day. Within that time you have to address your appearance, address your health and physical fitness, spend many hours working to pay your bills, engage with your friends and loved ones, deal with all of life’s usual problems, eat, go to the bathroom, sleep, and all that other stuff. You don’t have very much time to improve your life, and if you instead spend what little free time and emotion you have on political crap, you are wasting that precious little self-improvement time.

This focusing on political solutions actually hurts you.

If you had 100 hours a day, then this would be different. If you’re already successful in all of the areas of your life, then this would be different. If you are 100% physically fit and make a lot of money and have zero or near-zero debt and you can get laid pretty much whenever you want and you have a solid financial foundation, then if you still want to spend time farting around with politics and Saving The World™, go right ahead.

If that doesn’t describe you, then you need to stop trying to Save The World™ and focus in improving your own life instead, until you can step back and say you’re “successful.”

The second reason I talk about politics is to show you how badly you need to create a solid foundation for your life financially, logistically, sexually, and in other ways. If we were living in the United States of 1952, we wouldn’t have to worry too much about these things; society was nice and stable back then. Today, society is anything but stable, and growing worse by the year.

The Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle would be completely optional for a man living in the USA of 1952, but today, the culture, politics, and the world economy are so fundamentally screwed up (and getting worse!) that an Alpha 2.0 lifestyle, or at least elements of it, are almost required for the man who wants to live a life of long-term happiness.

If you focus on this political stuff and get deluded into thinking that Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump, or Angela Merkel, or Nigel Farage is is going to save you, then you are less likely to take action to build a foundation for your life and your loved ones. Your focus should be pointed internally to your own life, and not externally to a bunch of corrupt, elite dickwads in which history has proven constantly make everything worse.

That’s why I talk about politics.

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  • Sean
    Posted at 07:10 am, 5th January 2017

    So, what do you think of the Free State Project… a political movement to get libertarians to move to NH – a small population state that has some libertarian leanings already. That is one reason I live in NH. I don’t know if it will really accomplish anything but it is nice to have a like minded community to be a part of.

  • Gil Galad
    Posted at 07:57 am, 5th January 2017

    Good summary of the Alpha 2.0 philosophy.

    Two examples of men who are already doing well enough to devote a lot energy into changing the world are Peter Diamandis and Elon Musk.
    Elon: so we are ridiculously under-using clean energy ? Let’s make our own mark of electric cars, oh and let’s take this island which runs on diesel and literally cover it with solar panels.
    Peter: so outer space is currently exclusive to goverment agencies and the private sector has no access to it ? Let’s create a financial incentive (the X Prize) to open up the space frontier. Oh and another prize for whoever invents a new way of cleaning up the oceans.

    Unsurprisingly, they are taking the non-political route to changing the world, ignoring all the endless BS political debate and just introducing the world-changing tech to see what *social* results it may yield. Basically, if you’re filthy rich and you don’t like something about society, don’t vote: think of a technology that would solve the problem organically if you accelerated its arrival.

  • CrabRangoon
    Posted at 08:52 am, 5th January 2017

    Well said Caleb. I stopped voting years ago. The looks on people’s faces in this last election when I say I didn’t vote is pretty funny. I have friends and family on both sides of the aisle. Of course each side says “You voted for Hillary/Trump riiiiiiight???” and I say I didn’t vote for either of those losers. Then you get “but, but, but what about ??? Don’t you care about the country???” No I don’t-I’m with you that this place went off the rails years ago and nothing coming out of DC will correct it, only hasten the demise.

  • Steven Bennett
    Posted at 10:05 am, 5th January 2017

    Anyone interested in political activity should be obliged, at least, to complete their personal activity first. ;- )

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 01:53 pm, 5th January 2017

    So, what do you think of the Free State Project

    I’ve been aware of it for years and think it’s a great idea for the medium-term.

    The problem is that the entire USA is headed for collapse, so one state leaning a little libertarian won’t really help anything (long-term, that is).

    they are taking the non-political route to changing the world,

    Yep, I love both of those guys; agree 100%. (Though to be fair, Musk has benefit from a lot of government assistance in his companies.)

    I have friends and family on both sides of the aisle. Of course each side says “You voted for Hillary/Trump riiiiiiight???” and I say I didn’t vote for either of those losers. Then you get “but, but, but what about ??? Don’t you care about the country???

    What they can’t understand (because their emotions are overriding their logic centers) is voting for Trump or Hillary is bad for the country (at least in the long-term), not good.

    And I will say again that the best thing about this Trump/Hillary election is that for the first time in my life, I’ve seen some normal people actually waking up a little bit as to how truly fucked the USA is. (“Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? These are the two options? Are you fucking kidding me?”) Maybe some more folks might take action to better their own lives because of it.

  • Sean
    Posted at 06:07 pm, 5th January 2017

    Many of the free staters want succession… I know its a pipe dream at this point; but, that would be a long term solution

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 11:23 pm, 5th January 2017

    Many of the free staters want succession… I know its a pipe dream at this point; but, that would be a long term solution

    True on both counts. If any libertarian state, or even conservative state, actually secedes from the US, I will move there as fast as I possibly can.

    The problem is, as you said, the odds of this actually happening are pretty low. Americans have become way too complacent and dependent for that kind of action.

  • JJI
    Posted at 09:46 pm, 9th January 2017

    Elizabeth Merkel? Angela.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 11:20 pm, 9th January 2017

    Thank you. Corrected.

  • joelsuf
    Posted at 06:12 am, 2nd May 2017

    I’ve been sharing this article on facebook where discussing politics is an act that goes beyond dick measuring (or clit measuring for chicks? lol). People need to know how useless it is to have emotional stake in any politicians and just do you.

    I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle but who knows, a small ripple can turn into a wave. Maybe later that week whoever reads it will be like “what WAS that article Joel linked? I know he’s a ‘crazy anarchist’ but it seemed interesting.”

    I completely divorced from politics when high school started and haven’t looked back. It legitimately makes me sad when I see people on social networking care WAY too much about this. And I’m like “Christ, if you took half the energy you use to shout about Bernie or Trump, do you know how much you could have achieved?”

    But no, I’m the bad guy here, because I don’t look to the state to solve my problems. Meh. They’ll learn. The hard way, but they’ll learn.

  • Buzz
    Posted at 08:04 pm, 5th May 2020

    Politics is sports for intelligent people.
    It took me half an hour to vote for Trump

    and it was worth every second of that half hour

    just for the entertainment value!

    That is all it took to really piss off all the dumb people in this country.

    I can hardly wait to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!


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