Why Nothing In Government Will Change

With congress at an 11% approval rating, two thirds say, ‘I want every representative to go home’, but when push comes to shove, they’re going to continue to vote for their guy.


That¬†describes better than any other reason why America (and the Western world at large) has already collapsed, in that it’s future is set in stone regardless of what you do.

11% approval rates, but near-100% re-election rates.

Can you say “insane voters?”

I can!

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  • Lachlan
    Posted at 05:13 pm, 3rd September 2015

    I’m not American but does it usually mean that you have to vote for the opposition party if you want your congressman to change? People are probably party loyal and don’t want to change.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 08:01 pm, 3rd September 2015

    The problem is in America, we only get two parties and they’re about 80% identical in what they actually do.

    America doesn’t have two parties; it has one party with two factions.

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