Why Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils Is Literally Stupid

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Imagine you live in a small town. Two people are running for mayor. There are only two; you have no other people to vote for other than these two.

One person was convicted just a few years ago of torturing and murdering 20 small children. This is not alleged; this person actually did it. He fully admits to doing it and there’s mountains of clear and incontrovertible evidence he did it. He was convicted but served a very short jail sentence due to a loophole in the law. To be clear, this wasn’t 20 years ago or something like that. It was recent.

So now he’s free, running for mayor of your town.

The other person running for mayor, amazingly, has almost the same problem. This guy was convicted of torturing and murdering 40 small children. Same deal; he really did it, admitted to it, was convicted, and now he’s recently out of jail, running for mayor against the other child murderer.

Let’s analyze what an insane person living in your town would do in this situation versus what a sane person would do.

The insane person would look at the two candidates and say this:

“Well, we have to be realistic here. We only have two candidates, so we have to pick one of them. So clearly, we all need to vote for the person who ‘only’ tortured and murdered 20 little kids, because hey, if we elect the other guy who tortured and murdered 40 kids, that would be bad for our town.”

Does that argument sound familiar?

It should.

That’s literally what an insane person would say. Yet that’s what most normal people in the Collapsing Western World say today.

But it gets worse.

Let’s say another insane person in your town hears this, and screams, “Wait a minute! Your guy tortured and murdered 20 little kids! You want to vote for HIM? I mean, look at these pictures!”

He pulls up pictures on his phone of the little kids’ mutilated bodies and shoves them into the face of the other guy.

“THIS is what your guy did!!! If you vote for him you’re a piece of shit!”

“Wait,” the first guy says, “Your guy did the same thing! As a matter of fact, he’s worse! He killed 40 kids! Look at these pictures!!! Look at these court transcripts of what happened!”

The first guy brings up all this stuff on his phone and shoves it into the second guy’s face.

“Well,” the second guy says, “At least my guy didn’t kill as many girls. He mostly killed little boys. Your guy killed a bunch of little girls!”

“So you’re saying it’s okay that your guy killed a bunch of little boys???”

“Well, no, he shouldn’t have done that, but LOOK AT THESE LITTLE GIRLS HE KILLED!!!”

“Fuck you! You’re defending a murderer!!!”

“You’re a fucking piece of crap! You’re defending someone who tortures and murders little girls!!!”

And on and on it goes.

Does any of this sound familiar?

It should.

This is exactly what insane people would do, exactly what they would say, the exact types of arguments they would make, and exactly how they would speak to each other.

And… this is the norm if you live in the USA, Canada, Europe, etc.

Sadly, the odds are decent that you are one of these people. Perhaps you’re even making these kinds of arguments right now, defending Biden, Trump, or whomever.

Now what would a sane person say in this situation?

He would say this:

“Both of these people running for office are horrific monsters and both of them will make my town worse. Therefore I’m not voting for either of them, even if that means I don’t vote. Moreover and more importantly, I am clearly in a town full of insane people who support child killers who are also making my town worse. I’m going to make plans to distance myself from these two groups of maniacs as much as I can.”


Let’s use a different example, just in case that one doesn’t resonate.

You’re sitting on a chair in a room. One of your best friends is standing in front of you with a chainsaw.

“Hey man,” he says, “I love you. But you have a decision to make. You have two choices, and only two choices. Option one: I saw off one of your hands. Option two: I saw off both of your hands. In either case, I’ll bandage you up afterward so you won’t die from blood loss. Because I love you and I care about you. But you’ve got to pick one. So choose.”

If you were insane, you would say, “Well, I’ve got to be realistic here. I only have two choices because that’s what you just said, and you’re my longtime friend so you must be right. Therefore, I have to choose one. Clearly, I don’t want to lose both of my hands! That would be bad! So I choose to have you just cut off one of my hands. Here you go.”

You’d present your left hand and he’d cut it off. Once you were bandaged up and okay (albeit missing a hand), you’d pat yourself on the back for making a good decision. You’d also laugh at those “idiots” who chose to have both of their hands cut off.

If you were a sane person, you would say, “Look, you’re my longtime friend, but you’re lying and being weird. I’m not letting you cut off either of my hands. Instead, I’m getting as far away from you as I can since you’ve obviously lost it.”

Then you would get up and leave. If your friend attempted to physically stop you from leaving the room, you would either trick him into letting you leave (if you were smart) or physically fight him to escape the room (if you were not quite as smart, but still sane).

In the USA this year, and in many other Western (and non-Western) countries, we have some big elections coming up. During these elections, just like every other election over the past 35 years or so, two groups of totally insane people are going to make their insane arguments about who you should vote for.

These insane people are going to throw around words and phrases like “Democrat,” “Republican,” “woke,” “right-wing,” “traditional,” “equality,” “America first,” “criminal,” “freedom,” and my personal favorite, “the most important election of our lifetimes,” (which they say at literally every presidential election) will be used to convince you to vote for the evil, corrupt, stupid, murderous, quasi-socialist, quasi-authoritarian, warmongering, nepotism-based, big-spending, corporatist, drug-addicted, elite-entrenched monstrosities they support.

They’re going to use the same arguments I described above. You only have two choices, so ya gotta be realistic and vote for one of these horrible monsters who will continue to speed your country toward collapse on your watch.

And the sad part is, most of you reading these words will fall for it.


As you (or people like you) have been doing for the past 35 years, you’re going to vote for the lesser of two evils, then just a year or two later be shocked that the result is evil.

By the way, you don’t only have two choices. Here are some other options you have, just to name a few:

1. You can vote for third parties who don’t win but who move the needle in a positive direction as long as they get a decent showing in the popular vote. Example: Ross Perot ran as a third-party candidate on balancing the budget in 1992, got 19% of the popular vote, lost the election, and the government balanced the budget the very next year for the first time in decades. Voting for third parties works even if they don’t win.

2. You can organize your life so that you are protected from your insane government so it doesn’t matter to you and your family who wins or loses any election. All of my content is based on this.

3. You can leave the country and live somewhere else where you don’t have two groups of insane people ruining everything. This is what I did. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

Or you can keep making your country worse by being one of these insane people.

The choice is yours.

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Question of The Week

Why Not Invest In The Stock Market?

J.L. writes:

Hey Caleb! My question isn’t regarding a specific circumstance. Instead, I’ve been trying to get my head around your investment strategy.

It strikes me as pretty cautious, especially with traditional investments that have a strong track record. You say you don’t own any stocks — even with the S&P 500’s massive growth over the past few years – more than 500%. Doesn’t that bug you? You see it all as a bubble, and maybe you’re right, but that’s a lot of missed gains, isn’t it?

How come you haven’t considered mixing it up with some regular market investments alongside the riskier stuff like Bitcoin? Why not play both fields? I don’t think you’ve really gone into why that isn’t part of your plan.

Thanks a lot, and up the great work!

Without owning any stocks, in 2017 I made a 103% return on my entire investment portfolio. In 2020 I made a 144% return. That means in four years I more than quadrupled my entire investment net worth. With no stocks.

So am I bothered by any missed gains from investing in the bubble/mostly government-run stock market? Nope.

Also, I’ve never lost money (i.e. had a negative return) in my investment portfolio in any given calendar year in my entire life. I am one of the few men my age (or of any age for that matter) who can say this.

What is rule number one in investing from some of the best investors in the world like Warren Buffet? Don’t Lose Money.

What is rule number two? See Rule Number One.

So I follow that rule rather than my emotions. That’s the key to investing, at least in my layman’s opinion (I am not an investing expert).

I’m not putting one dollar into the US stock market. Here’s why:

1. Clearly I’m making piles of money without it.

2. It’s 100% a government creature now, being completely bailed out by the government during the 2008 GFC and again during the 2020 pandemic. I don’t invest in government instruments because they don’t follow free-market rules which are more rational and predictable.

3. It’s indeed a bubble, which will pop in your lifetime. I don’t know when this will happen and neither do you, but I know it will happen while we’re alive. I don’t invest in bubbles.

4. It’s an American asset, and America is going down the toilet, faster now than at any other time in the last 25 years since the collapse began. I don’t invest in collapsing countries. I invest in countries that are rising (UAE, SE Asia, Paraguay, etc).

As always, it’s your money, do whatever you want. But I’m quite confident in my investing decisions.

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