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Will Alpha Male 2.0’s Be Affected In A Collapse?

Here’s an objection I’ve heard once or twice:

It doesn’t matter if you do all this Alpha Male 2.0 stuff. It doesn’t matter if you’re “detached from the system” or whatever, or if you have location independent income, or you aren’t legally married. It doesn’t matter if you live in South America or Asia. If the Western world collapses, everyone will be screwed, all over the world. You will be too.

First, it’s important that you read this article and this one, since these two articles directly extend to what I’m talking about today. They both describe the specifics of what it means when I say that I’m “detached from the system.” These are things like self-employment, nonmonogamy, zero or little debt, location independent income, no employees, and various other things. My book describes exactly how to design a lifestyle just like this.

Not only does this life make you very long-term happy as a man, but it also protects you against all kinds of calamites, including a major collapse. Here’s what I mean.

Let’s say the Western world collapses tomorrow. One of the six doomsday scenarios hits. The USA’s economy is crushed in a currency crisis, dragging Canada with it. Europe descends into war. Whatever. The specifics don’t really matter; what matters is that things get so bad economically that even normal, middle-class people are pretty much screwed.

Picture a Normal Guy™ living a typical, normal life. He is the opposite of the Alpha Male 2.0 in just about every way. He is legally married to the typical monogamous wife, and has two kids, a big home mortgage, and a decent pile of debt. He has a corporate job with a giant company that he doesn’t hate, but tolerates. He makes enough to support his massive taxes, family and debt, perhaps makes just enough to go on one big vacation a year, and that’s about it. He has a government-based IRA or a 401K plan based mostly in the stock market and bond market, which he’s absolutely relying upon for his retirement, in addition to his government social security, which he checks the balance of every year. He votes in most elections, gets really mad when the other guy wins, and gets orgasmicly happy when his side wins, hoping this new person will fix all of his problems for him, unlike all the other prior presidents he’s voted for in the past.

When the economy collapses, this guy is absolutely fucked. At best, if he’s very lucky, he’ll just lose his entire retirement and get kicked out of his house when the bank comes to foreclose. He’ll also likely lose his job (his only source of income) and be unable to pay his debts or support his wife and kids. He’ll be in deep shit. He may even end up on the streets or moving in with his parents with no income, no money, and trying desperately to file bankruptcy (if that’s even an option in a real collapse). He then spends the next many years seething with fury at bankers, politicians, rich people, socialists, or any other group he blames. After all, none of this was his fault… was it?

Now let’s compare this to an Alpha Male 2.0, a guy who has taken the time to create the Alpha 2.0 lifestyle that I advocate. He relies on no job. Instead, he has two to four sources of income from several small, diversified businesses, selling to completely different things to completely different markets. These businesses have lots of international income, zero employees, and near-zero overhead. They are all 100% location independent, so he can make money from anywhere in the world he chooses to go. He pays extremely little in taxes, has zero or very little debt, and a very small monthly footprint in terms of living expenses because he lives in a low tax, low cost of living part of the country or part of the world. He’s either single and dating, or pair-bonded but not civilly married. He has 6-12 months of savings in a liquid emergency fund of protected or diversified currencies (and/or perhaps gold), and perhaps has investments in very safe, boring instruments well outside of governmental control and volatile bubbles like the stock market.

The economy crashes! What happens to him? Is he completely protected? No; he suffers a little. But is he absolutely fucked like the Normal Guy? Nope. Not even close.

When the economy collapses, the Alpha 2.0’s income drops, maybe 10%, maybe 20%, perhaps even 40% depending on his businesses, what they sell, and which countries they sell to. It’s irritating, but he’s still able to pay his bills because his taxes and expenses are so low. Even if he can’t, his savings carries him for a few months until things stabilize. He shifts his business activity to reflect the new normal and continues to earn a living.

He also probably loses some money in some of his investments. He checks his portfolio, sees the loss, and gets a little pissed, but it’s not a catastrophe. Most of his investments are okay, and some of them even made money, since he was planning on something like this happening.

And… and that’s it. No other problems. His happy life goes on. Within just a few months, what little problems he had are already a memory, while Normal Guy is fighting off creditors and the government, living with his mom, and going through his divorce.

It’s night and day.

It’s all an issue of degree. Yes, the Alpha Male 2.0 will “feel” it a little if/when there is a massive Western collapse. We all will. Yet he won’t be absolutely fucked like normal people will. Again, not even close.

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  1. Joanna

    Here I go with worst case scenario so please forgive me if you have addressed this before and I know you advice is for guys however I cant wait around until some Alpha 2.0 decides to incorporate me into his life. What if an Alpha 2.0 (ahem this is me Alphina 2.0) is pair bonded with a significant other who did not have the foresight to ensure they were financially independent as you outlined in the article. How would said Alpha 2.0 (again me the Alphina 2.0 ) remain outcome independent whilst faced with pleading cries for assistance? They might be in serious poo now. I worry about these things because I am a chick and I fear my emotions would compel me to share my resources with someone I cared for/loved even at my detriment, not keen on that ever happening (AGAIN) since it sucks and take years to correct. I would battle leaning on on my own logic since my emotions are quite(very) strong. What rationale would you advise for a touchy feely gal like me? I would hate to be stuck up creek without a paddle in my later years?

  2. Caleb Jones

    What if an Alpha 2.0 (ahem this is me Alphina 2.0) is pair bonded with a significant other who did not have the foresight to ensure they were financially independent as you outlined in the article. How would said Alpha 2.0 (again me the Alphina 2.0 ) remain outcome independent whilst faced with pleading cries for assistance?

    This only matters for a live-in OLTR. An FB, MLTR, or OLTR I don’t live with (and don’t plan on ever living with) needs to take care of her own finances; that’s her problem, not mine.

    If you actually have an live-in OLTR or OLTR Marriage, then yeah, that’s a little different, you’re going to have to help your partner square away her finances so that they don’t drag you down with them in case of a collapse. ***All finances are still legally and physically separate.*** The only difference is that she ideally needs to have low or zero debt, location independent income, etc, or at least needs to be working hard to acheive those things (with your help).

    But if you’re just dating someone, their finances are their problem, not yours.