Younger Man Lifestyle Toolkit – Here’s Everything You’ll Get

Younger Man Lifestyle Toolkit – Here’s Everything You’ll Get

The most affordable online video course I have ever done, the Alpha Male 2.0 Younger Man Lifestyle Toolkit, will be released in less than two weeks on April 16th at 4pm EST. It will only be available in its current form for five days, ending on April 20th. Click right here to register for the live, free Younger Man Online Training I will be doing at 2pm EST on April 16th. I’m going to go over how to maximize your financial and woman life as a man under the age of 35. I will also open it up for live questions at the end.

This Toolkit is an entire curriculum of new training videos I have recorded plus various other content I’ve offered in the past that I have cherry-picked to help younger men, aged 18 to 34. Topics I address include getting your business started, cashing in on the unique advantages you have as a younger man (yes, you have them!), optimizing your dating and relationship life, separating from the authority figures in your life, and getting your entire life poised to get to (and maintain!) the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle as fast as you can without having to wait until you’re older.

I have been working very hard on this for the past several months. It’s something many of you have asked for. I’m happy to finally put this in your hands.

On April 16th, here’s everything you’ll receive as part of the Toolkit:

1. Four hours of video training. These are all brand new, cutting-edge videos I have recorded that I have never released before. Topics of the training videos include:

  • Capitalizing on the advantages you have as a younger man over older men, most of whom are less flexible and have less energy.
  • Mapping out an entire battle plan with specific steps for your years between 18 and 34 to get to independence, money, and a quality Alpha Male 2.0 woman life as fast as possible.
  • Capitalizing on business opportunities right now. I map out all the best business sectors and niche opportunities as of right now.
  • Selecting industries with the highest margins. I list them all out as well and how to take advantage of them.
  • Placing boundaries and parameters within your woman life so it doesn’t damage the other parts of your life (a common problem with younger men).
  • Dealing with feelings of oneitis, loneliness, neediness.
  • Getting to $75,000 per year (or more) in your Alpha 2.0 business as fast as possible.
  • Balancing your woman life and your business life.
  • How to move out of your family’s house as fast as possible, with a specific plan to do so.
  • Time management, specifically for younger men who are dealing with all the distractions younger men are bombarded with today and how to manage them (and not be controlled by them!).
  • Specific steps on how to deal with your negative, abusive, disapproving or clingy family members that may be dragging you down (including your parents).
  • What to do about your girlfriend, if you have one.
  • And a lot more.

2. Younger Man Success Case Studies Audio Training. This is a long audio session where I lay out specific examples of men in their twenties who hit high incomes very fast and/or achieved huge turnarounds in their woman lives. You can model these guys and do exactly what they did.

3. Two and a Half Hours of Additional Younger Man Audio Training. These are five audios I pulled directly from the SMIC program that will help men under the age of 34. They include these lessons:

  • How to Stay Motivated
  • How to Start Your Own Alpha 2.0 Business
  • How to Minimize Guy Drama
  • Lifestyle Management for Younger Guys
  • Time Management When You Have A Side Hustle

4. Any Blackdragon Dating Book of your choice, the Ultimate Version of that book. As soon as you get the course you can select any Blackdragon Dating Book I have and it’s yours free as part of the course. You get the “Ultimate Version” of that book, meaning you get not only the digital version of the book (in PDF, Kindle, and EPUB formats), but also the full unabridged audiobook plus several audios and extra PDFs (which vary depending on which book you choose).

You get a choice between the Ultimate Version of one of these books:

  • The Ultimate Open Relationships Manual (exactly how to create new non-monogamous relationships with any type of woman you want and how to maintain them long-term in a low-drama way)
  • Get to Sex Fast (how to get to sex within 3-4 hours of face time for $0-$27 spent)
  • The Ultimate Online Dating Manual (how to get first dates via online dating sites or apps)
  • The Ultimate Younger Woman Manual (how to date women much younger than you and maintain long-term relationships with them)

5. The Unchained Man – Ultimate Edition. You also get the Ultimate Edition of my longest and most important book on how to build an Alpha Male 2.0 life. It includes:

  • The Unchained Man, 440+ pages in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle formats
  • The entire unabridged audiobook (over 20 hours of audio)
  • An audio on managing your key numbers
  • An audio on formulating your Mission
  • An exclusive, supplemental podcast to the book never released anywhere else
  • All of the Alpha Male 2.0 planning worksheets

6. Membership to any members-only Alpha Male 2.0 Facebook course group of your choice. When you sign up for the course, you can gain permanent access to any one of the members-only Facebook groups for any past course I’ve done. You can pick between any one of these groups:

  • The Six-Figure Location-Independent Consultant Facebook Group
  • The Maximum Freedom Course Facebook Group
  • The Alpha 2.0 Business Facebook Group

ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT STUFF, if you order the course during its five-day launch window between April 16th and April 20th, you also get these additional FREE bonuses:

Bonus #1A live video conference with me where I cover additional techniques for younger Alpha Male 2.0s. I will also open the conference up to any of your questions and I will stay on the conference until all questions are answered by all participants (within reason, of course). If you can’t make the conference, you can email your questions in beforehand and I will answer them on the live conference, then you can download the conference video once the conference is over, so you won’t miss anything no matter what.

We’ll have this conference fast, within two weeks of you getting the course.

Bonus #2 – $100 discount. After April 20th, the cost of this course goes up by $100 so you get $100 off the cost of the course if you order before then.

Bonus #3 – Quickie Ebook on Online Dating Photo Techniques. Written by a female professional photographer, she goes over exactly what makes men look the best when they take pictures for their online dating profiles. I haven’t offered this in a very long time.

Bonus #4 – Online Dating Picture Poses Archive. An archive of images that show field-tested poses of how to stand or sit in online dating photos for maximum response rates.

Bonus #5 – Ultimate Open Relationships Manual Supplemental Podcast. This is a 35-minute audio on extra techniques for relationship management.

Bonus #6 – Relationships Reports. These are detailed “relationships reports” on numerous relationships I’ve had in the past, what I did right, and what I did wrong, so you can learn from my successes and mistakes.

As I said in my last announcement about this, I went out of my way to keep the price for this course as low as I possibly could, making it a fraction of the price of prior online courses I’ve done so that younger men can afford them, as well as for anyone to more easily afford this during this time of the coronavirus. So, you get all six items in the course, the hours of video and audio training, plus the six bonuses, plus all the books, for just $297. Frankly, this price is so low that it honestly makes me nervous, but I promised I would keep this as affordable as I could.

There will be a purely optional add-on for this course that will be around an additional $297 that will include a new long video lesson plus some components of my last few courses that are most helpful to younger men. I’ll give you more information on that in the next few days. It’s purely optional though. The main course, meaning everything listed above including the bonuses, will be just $297.


To keep the price as low as I possibly can, a number of you will be eligible for discounts on the price of this course. None of these discounts stack; just pick the highest one that applies to you.

  1. As always, current members of the SMIC program will receive a 15% discount off this course. You’ll get an email with discount codes before the 16th so watch for that.
  2. Anyone in the Alpha 2.0 Focus Program will get it for free; we’ll just send over your login information as soon as it’s released.
  3. Anyone who purchased the Maximum Freedom Course last year (and did not get a refund) will get a 15% discount off this course. You’ll get an email with discount codes before the 16th so watch for that.

Free Younger Man Online Training For Anyone

I will do a free, live Younger Man Online Training on the launch day at 2pm EST on April 16th. I’m going to go over how to maximize your financial and woman life as a man under the age of 35. I will also open it up for live questions at the end. Click here to register for the webinar to reserve your spot.

Mark your calendar for April 16th 4pm EST regardless because that’s when it will be released and this course as shown above will only be available for five days (actually less than five days since the 16th and the 20th will only be partial days).

So register for the live webinar and if there are any questions just let me know.

Leave your comment below, but be sure to follow the Five Simple Rules.

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