Your Zone of Control

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Everything in your life falls within either your Zone of Control, Influence, or Concern.

You personally control everything within your Zone of Control. You can possibly influence, but not directly control, everything in your Zone of Influence. Your Zone of Concern is all the things you care about that you have no control over whatsoever.

Happiness lies in having a large Zone of Control.


Expanding your Zone of Control is done by:

1. Re-orienting your life by putting more conditions under your control.


2. No longer worrying about things you can’t control.

By the way, remember that it’s not possible to truly control other people, only your conditions.

Unhappiness is created when your Zone of Concern is large:


Having things out of your personal control and worrying about things you can’t change is always a path to unhappiness.

What happens when your Zone of Influence is the largest zone? It’s not good. That means you live a life of dependence.


If you want maximum happiness, you need to get your Zone of Control as large as possible and your Zones of Influence and Concern as small as you can.

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