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I am finally doing my first AMA (Ask Me Anything). You can write in and ask me anything you want. My staff will gather up your questions and present them to me, then I will answer all of them in an upcoming video.

I will answer literally any question you ask on any topic regardless of how personal. The only questions I can’t answer are specific numbers from my financial and dating life (read this if you want to know why).

Other than that, Ask Me Anything, on literally any topic, and I will answer. I will even answer challenging/angry questions from haters or disagreers as long as the questions don’t include any ad hominem personal attacks. (Any questions containing any personal attacks, even indirect or veiled ones, will simply be ignored and deleted, per my usual policy.)

When you submit your question you must include the hashtag #CalebAMA. If you don’t do this, it will not be included in the AMA video, so don’t forget!

Here are the places where you can submit your questions:

– Send an email to with #CalebAMA in the title.

– Leave a comment on this blog post starting with #CalebAMA in the comment.

– DM me on Instagram here starting with #CalebAMA in your message.

– Leave a comment on this YouTube video starting with #CalebAMA in your comment.

– Mention me on Twitter @TheCalebJones using #CalebAMA in your tweet.

– Message me on Facebook here using #CalebAMA in your message.

I will answer all of these questions in a YouTube video in about two weeks, so send ‘em over!

Leave your comment below, but be sure to follow the Five Simple Rules.

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  • Neil
    Posted at 03:53 pm, 19th July 2020

    #CalebAMA Hi Caleb. If you plan to start a blog that you hope could one day lead into becoming a AM 2.0 business, should you niche/micro the blog before you start writing it or keep it relatively general but then see what posts attract higher responses & then adapt it to tailor to that market?

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