Europeans Are Suicidal

As I’ve said, Europeans are suicidal. They actually trying to destroy themselves. It’s a horrible thing to watch.

“How many Europeans need to be slaughtered before they realize these people want to kill them?” The answer is infinity. There is no magic number of attacks or violent deaths where the governments of Europe finally say, “Wow, we were wrong about this. Time to stop the mass immigration.”

No, instead the hyper-left-wing European governments will keep mass importing millions of people who want to kill them, hand them piles of “free” taxpayer cash, and blame things like climate change or Donald Trump when these people commit mass murder against their innocent countrymen. This will keep happening forever, until there is civil war, secession, or collapse.

When you have a culture that worships the welfare state, it will also worship the same welfare state for immigrants who wish to kill them. You cannot separate the two. This is why Europe is doomed. (To be fair, the US is doomed too, but for slightly different reasons.)

If you live in Europe and want to live a happy and free life, it’s even more important you move out of your country than it is for guys like me who live in the US. At least us Americans have a little more time. Your time in Europe has already run out. 

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  • Felix
    Posted at 10:30 am, 24th March 2016

    I curious what you think of the Japanese who are in the process of committing Hara Kiri. 😀

  • Matt
    Posted at 11:32 am, 24th March 2016

    Let’s assume that Europe is worth saving as it exists today and western civilization is worth saving. With that assumption I have a lot hope and optimism that the football ruffians will finally have enough and save the continent. They might open a history book and realize that the Christian Crusades were, at least partially, a response to the Muslim invasion of Europe. We’ll see.

  • A Man
    Posted at 04:40 pm, 24th March 2016

    Of course I fully agree that the idiocy that is in Europe will be coming to U.S. And I agree that anyone with any assets needs to get the hell out. What is your opinion of the various Latin America countries in Central and South America for escape? Assume for me that you did not
    need to earn any money while down there. From what I understand it is fairly inexpensive. Is there any Latin country that treats foreign money well? Any country that has a fair legal system?

    I’d be interested in hearing what your sources for getting this kind of info is? Lots of expat blogs, but which ones to trust?

  • Juan
    Posted at 05:47 pm, 24th March 2016

    Move out but where?

    Which european countries, do you think, are the most dangerous regarding terrorism?

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 11:06 am, 25th March 2016

    I curious what you think of the Japanese who are in the process of committing Hara Kiri.

    They’re committing Hara Kiri like the rest of the West (I consider Japan as the one part of Asia that’s part of the “West.”)

    For the rest of the “Were should we go?” questions, I’m answering that specifically in a few upcoming posts as part of my Moving Out of the Country series.

  • Juan
    Posted at 02:44 pm, 25th March 2016

    Okay thanks.

    Actually I live in Cologne, Germany. Sometimes when I am travelling with trams in the city, I don´t hear german speaking people, just arabic or turkish. One can´t even detect potential terrorsts because every second man looks and hears like a terrorist. Sometimes I feel like in the Middle-East, and have fear while using public transport…

  • Tony
    Posted at 08:27 pm, 25th March 2016

    What about your 2% rule? Taking the guy in the video’s 1,000 number, that’s nothing compared to other causes of death. 742 million people live in Europe, so a typical European won’t even know somebody who knows somebody who died in a terrorist attack. Yet even in Europe, where they don’t drive as much as we do in the US, car accidents kill 84,000 people every year. Belgium by itself had over 700 car fatalities. It says a lot about the human psyche that Americans in particular will fear terrorists who have almost no chance of killing them while talking on their phones while driving to McDonald’s to order a meal that contributed to the most common deaths. You’re more likely to die during a single cross country road trip than you are of terrorism in your entire lifetime.

    To me, the minimal increased chance of death by Islamic terrorists is worth helping millions of people who are desperately trying to escape these very terrorists.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 10:29 pm, 25th March 2016

    I’m not warning Europeans about getting killed by terrorists. That’s not going to happen and stupid to even worry about. (2% Rule, as you said.)

    Instead I’m warning them regarding their personal safety in terms of:

    – Civil unrest

    – Wars (including civil wars)

    – Government crackdowns

    – Social collapse

    At least one of those possibilities is way above the 2% Rule for a typical European over the next 2-20 years.

  • BorjaTSR
    Posted at 06:39 am, 26th March 2016

    Caleb, I’m assuming you’re moving somewhere in South America in the future which would definitely not be a bad idea.

    What do you think of moving from Spain (my home country) to a European country that’s wary of mass immigration such as Serbia, Hungary or Poland?

  • Felix
    Posted at 10:09 am, 26th March 2016


    You want to move somewhere where the market is booming. Because there, you will easily be able to start a business and make money faster than in a Socialist state where they want to restrict the heck out of you. SA is a great place to visit, but due to all the corruption, it is not growing.

    But they grew in the last 10 years. Yes, due to commodity growth driven by Chinese spending to build everything from infrastructure to housing for the rural to city movement of people. That commodity cycle is now ended and won’t be coming back any time soon. The Chinese have built their infrastructure. Even they are getting rid of excess steel mills.

  • Fraser Orr
    Posted at 12:47 pm, 26th March 2016

    I think Caleb is making a really important point here. The problem with terrorism is not the terrorists themselves but the response from the government. I remember when if you were flying somewhere you turned up at the airport, ran up to the gate, sometimes bought your ticket right there and jumped on the plane. I just came back from a trip to Europe and the TSA and UK Border Patrol where utterly ridiculous and time wasting.

    The person above pointed out how low the likelihood of actually being hurt by a terrorist is. More people die from taking aspirin than die at the hands of terrorists in the USA. However, everyone is grossly impacted by the measures taken to counter terrorists. And why? Well because we are all terrified! The idea that the terrorists haven’t won is foolish in the extreme. They have terrorized us to the point we accept the grossest intrusions into our daily life because of our grossly overblown fear of them.

    I remember President Bush after 9/11 in a speech talking about how we wouldn’t let them change our way of life, and he then spent the rest of his presidency radically changing our way of life because of them.

    So to put it another way the terrorists from the middle east are dangerous, vicious and very rare. The terrorists in Washington DC and their world equivalents are the ones we truly should fear. Or perhaps even more scary than that it is the people who elect them that we should really fear…

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 03:24 pm, 26th March 2016

    What do you think of moving from Spain (my home country) to a European country that’s wary of mass immigration such as Serbia, Hungary or Poland?

    As I said, I’ll be talking much more about that in upcoming articles, but the short answer is moving from W. Europe to E. Europe is not a move that represents horrible to good; it’s horrible to slightly less horrible.

    Immigration isn’t Europe’s only unsolvable problem. It’s one of many.

    The problem with terrorism is not the terrorists themselves but the response from the government

    Correct. GOVERNMENT is the greatest threat to the modern day man, both to your own physical safety and your money. Terrorism doesn’t threaten you directly; terrorism exacerbates the threat you face from your own government. Therefore, you don’t want to be in any countries where terrorism is a problem.

  • ThomasNordic
    Posted at 06:20 am, 27th March 2016

    These issues are blown out of proportion.
    First of all, western europe is safer than its ever been. Improvements in just one area, safety in traffic, are so significant that you could have a Brussels-level attack EVERY SINGLE DAY and still you would be safer than just 10 years ago because thousands less are slaughtered on the raods. Few people even know that. Its too boring. Its always the spectacular deaths that are feared. Never mind cancer, its sharks, terrorists or meteorites that are dangerous. Its ridculous to worry about these issues as personal threat.. Its similar to people not daring to even visit a college in America for fear of being shot.

    Perhaps more surprising for some, even if we look at only terrorism, europe is still safer than a few decades ago. Back then the UK had the irish problem, IRA, Spain had ETA, violent seperatists, and there were extreme leftwing organisations in Germany and Italy. All together killing many more people than what now happens. Before Paris last year the last major islamist attack was London in 2005, I think. 13 years ago. The years since then have been the calmest in history.

    What happens with migrants is epic stupidity. An enormous waste of ressources, helping only very few at huge costs. But its nowhere near close to destabilising europe. It really is not. There are still not that many muslims here and its not as if people are not reacting. If it continues, voters will react. There is no doubt about that. Therefore it will not continue.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 10:18 am, 28th March 2016

    Read the comments above about how I’m not talking about the direct threat from terrorists, but rather the real threat from goverment as an overreaction to (real or perceived) terrorism.

    If it continues, voters will react. There is no doubt about that.

    You are absolutely, 100% wrong about that, and if you seriously think that, you’re living in a delusion. The vast majority of European culture will keep moving to the left. It will not shift to the right.

  • ThomasNordic
    Posted at 08:08 am, 8th April 2016

    Of course there will be a reaction. It has already happened. Denmark created a special extremly low pay job sector aimed at immigrants. If they dont like it another new law ensured a new super-low welfare model for immigrants as well as a several year delay for family reunification. I wonder how many will even want to stay.

    You have no coherent argument as to why europe would suddenly fall over when they have survived far worse, even recently, even now, in fact as I consider the euro currency crisis a bigger problem than a few million immigrants.

    You dont like system, so predict a light breeze will crush places that survived many storms. It makes no sense.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 01:34 pm, 8th April 2016

    a light breeze

    Looming currency crisis on a mass scale. Declining resources (Scandinavia is almost out of oil). Declining birth rates. Negative GDP growth. Mass importation of Muslims wanting Sharia law. Derivatives markets 20X larger than the GDP of Germany (and growing). Various collapsing economies that the other EU nations are forced to bail out (with borrowed money). Etc.

    If you think Europe is in for “a light breeze,” either you are woefully ignorant and need to do a lot more reading, or you are just being irrationally defensive of your homeland. Either way, you’re wrong, but like I said, if you think Europe will do great over the next coming decades, then stay there. I won’t be.

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