Let Me Know What Subjects You Want Me to Cover

I want to make sure the subjects I talk about on my blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, social media, and email newsletter are ones you guys really want and genuinely find valuable. I do my best to guess the subjects you want, and I seem to do pretty good with that, but I want to be SURE rather than guess and hope that I’m right.

My goal, and I’m 100% serious about this, is to have the highest-impact content of any other person you read or listen to on the internet. With the men in my niche, that 10% of men strongly interested in Alpha Male 2.0 techniques, models, and concepts, I want to be the person on the internet with the most valuable information for you. I mean it.

To make sure I’m providing the best information to you as I possibly can, please take a minute and answer the following six questions. It will help you. It will ensure that I spend time discussing topics you want to learn about and that will make the biggest positive impact on your life.

You can answer the questions in the comments or you can send me an email to theonlyblackdragon@gmail.com with your numbered answers. Be as detailed or as brief in your answers as you like. It will be fun. Here they are.

1. Where do you need the most help within your life right now, particularly during this time of crisis?

2. What topics should I discuss more?

3. Are there any topics I cover often that I shouldn’t cover or should cover less often? If not, great, skip this question. But if there are, what are they?

4. What areas could I address that would make the biggest positive impact on you?

5. What are your biggest fears about the future (if any)?

6. Is there something new or different I’m not offering right now that I should? If so, what?

Thanks in advance. Your answers will ensure my content will be better for you.

Leave your comment below, but be sure to follow the Five Simple Rules.

  • johnnybegood
    Posted at 01:31 pm, 16th June 2020

    Love the tough-love kick-in-the-ass motivational videos. It’s sorely lacking out there especially ones that aren’t bitter/ overly politically slanted.
    I’ve accomplished a lot this year vs. other years, but I think many people love consuming content but not doing measurable actions (I have in some areas, but not others). I like “first steps” “micro actions” and also “systems” that can be enacted without much initial thought or analysis paralysis. Your testosterone journey thing was great for that, for instance. Detailed steps, no nonsense.

    Business, wealth protection/ investment (gold), passport “loopholes,” non-traditional lifestyles, societal programming, time management are all interesting. Women topics are also very interesting but primarily to men who are sexually unsatisfied / experiencing drama ha.

    My fear in the future is not living a bold enough life. And need a bit more motivation/ short term action plan + deadline to start the jump away from bland corporate society, and having tunnel vision as to what is really truly “possible” vs. the societal blueprint we’re all fed with movies.


  • Federico
    Posted at 04:14 am, 17th June 2020

    Hi Caleb. Fatherhood in an Alpha 2.0 model. Both living with the mother and not.

  • Sonny
    Posted at 08:38 am, 17th June 2020

    Trends…. Period.

    One of the big reasons I follow you is that I have an impression you’re on top of and generally ” with it ” when it comes to what’s happening in society ( culturally & in terms of consumer behavior ) as well as the world economy.  Believe me if my impression is correct , this is a very  handy trait to have.

    Especially sectors which can make you money.

    This includes

    Where & which countries to invest 

    What products / niches are hot & lucrative.

    Aside from that your observations from travelling around the world as also entertaining and worthwhile

    PS : I’m totally planning on joining the SMIC but I want my
    Business to open up so I can ask specific questions from you on the SMIC on my work which pertain to business excellence.
    Joining right now would be a waste since everything is pretty much shut here currently.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 09:44 am, 17th June 2020

    Thank you all so far. I am making notes of all of your suggestions and tallying up the ones that other guys have said (most of the responses are coming in via email from my mailing list).

  • notFmx
    Posted at 01:38 am, 18th June 2020

    Hi Caleb, my little contribution here :

     Where do you need the most help within your life right now, particularly during this time of crisis?

    What topics should I discuss more?

    I would definitely love more topics regarding time management, I miss the good ol’ sublime your time days! 🙂

    Linked to that as well, would be some insights on how you plan your days, or your workflow on how you manage your multiple businesses. I think It would be very nice to see a bit of “behind the scene” stuff.

    What areas could I address that would make the biggest positive impact on you?

    I would say consulting, definitely.

    I’ll be in for the consultant course, but as a “traditional employee consultant”, I can’t wait to finally break the limit and do all that business by myself, especially if it can be location independant (so I can flee from Western Europe in 2-3 years !)

  • Juancito44
    Posted at 07:08 am, 18th June 2020

    How to deal with flaky friends. Does the soft next method work well with friendships and with woman. How to apply Alpha 2.0 mindset when dealing with pressure and unexpected crises. What types of food and supplements Alpha 2.0 need to use to fuel the body for a success. How to explain everything in your life is your fault to a black community and their constant victim hood mentality. I thank you for “Everything in your life is your fault” article to get out of my self pity, make done hard changes, get rid of bad habit/behavior that continue to create problems, and not blame shifting at government or family. If more people read that article, that might be less problems but I know you only reach to 10% of men and did give a cheap about everybody else. Have an awesome day Mr. Jones and continue succeeding in your Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle.

  • Lazy Blitz, a Storm of Openers!
    Posted at 09:19 am, 21st June 2020

    2. Explain better what means that an alpha male 2.0 must earn a minimum of 75000USD per year for optimal happiness.

    According to this article (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41562-017-0277-0), it translates into 80kEUR for France. But less than 2% of France population reaches 80kEUR. And you already said that pursuing a goal that has less than 2% chances of happening is useless. So that seems to lead to a contradiction.

    The study you refer to for 75kUSD I believe is from Princeton and 75kUS is about maximising “life evaluation”,

    But another study states the optimal income for “emotional well being” is 50kUSD per year, and that statistically there could even be downsides to earning more, because of the associated life costs such as working longer hours.

    In France this translates to 48kEUR (8% highest income, meaning 92% of the population earns less) to 60kEUR (5% highest income – Over 41640kEUR (12% highest income) per year income for a single person without kids is considered “rich” in France by many objective criteria – more articles in the site). Meanwhile 30kEUR (25% highest income) per year for a single person is considered “doing well”.

    So what are you actually talking about? As Alpha 2.0, do we really have to be so rich that we’re in the top 2% earners? I appreciate that you are a really rich self-proclamed and proud workaholic and make a great income, certainly in the top 1% and very probably in the top 0.1%. But Alpha 2.0 have to be in the top 2% earners that seems a bit ludicrous, doesn’t it? 2% rule man! Or are we talking about something like top 10% or top 5% earners kinda rich?


    Also, I think it would be good to state that income bracket that you advocate in after all income taxes, including local income taxes, maybe even property taxes. That way it would be a bit more comparable across states and countries. And that’s the actual money we do get after all the taxes paid, that’s our actual purchasing power.

  • Lazy Blitz, a Storm of Openers!
    Posted at 09:24 am, 21st June 2020

    2. 5 flags, 3 flags: super interesting – more please!

  • Eric Smith
    Posted at 09:24 am, 6th July 2020

    philosophy and working out SP and 6SV. Sneaky cases where SP is used. and longevity. etc

    Definitely the international lifestyle as well.

  • Eric Smith
    Posted at 09:46 am, 6th July 2020

    hardcore objectivism

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