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I’m changing the entire structure of my blogs soon. This video pretty much sums it all up, so watch it since I address exactly what I’m doing as well as answers to questions I’m sure to get.

To summarize the changes:

– All three of my blogs (The Blackdragon Blog, The Caleb Jones Blog, and the defunct Sublime Your Time) will be combined into one super blog at called The Alpha Male 2.0 Blog. All old articles and comments will be moved to this new blog.

– The new blog will only contain self-improvement Alpha Male 2.0 articles (business, dating, investing, etc). I will not be blogging anymore regarding things like commentary, analysis, politics, movies, etc. I’m not saying I’ll never talk about that stuff in future YouTube videos; I probably will. I just won’t be blogging about them anymore. Any old articles from any of my blogs that are not self-improvement will be placed into a separate archive you can still access though.

– The new blog will switch from a text format to a video format. Every blog post will be a video with a text transcription.

– There will be no commenting function at the new blog. Instead, I will cross-post all blog videos over at the Alpha Male 2.0 Community Forum and the private but free-to-join Alpha Male 2.0 Facebook Group and you can comment there. You can also comment on YouTube and all social media platform links below.

– The time I was spending replying to comments on my blogs will be put into replying to comments and DMs at my various social media outlets. Like it or not, the world is moving away from traditional blogging and towards video and social media so I need to go where the audience is.

The approximate time frame for this will be in early June after the release of the Ultimate Open Marriage Manual/Course is all done. (Big announcement about that on Monday so stay tuned!)

If there are any questions let me know. Here are all the relevant links to sign up to and/or follow in anticipation of this change:

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Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast

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