Announcing The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual and Video Course!

As I mentioned earlier this month, we are finally ready to release The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual and The Ultimate Open Marriage COURSE. Yes, it’s both a book and a video course, and you can get the version you want.

This is where you will learn how to create, convert, and manage your non-monogamous relationship with your live-in girlfriend or wife. Have a long-term, low-drama, live-in relationship or marriage with her while being able to have sex with other women on the side whenever you want. It’s the best of both worlds, and I would know.

We will release both the book and the video course on Thursday, May 28th at 4pm EST. It will be a special lower cost version with extra bonuses that will only be available for four days until the following Monday, June 1st, at 8 p.m. EST. After that, the price goes way up, and the bonuses will be gone forever.

Over that four-day period, you will have three options:

Option 1: The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual. This is the digital version of the book all by itself. It’s one of the longest Blackdragon books I’ve ever written (103,000 words with 31 chapters which I listed earlier). You’ll get the PDF, EPUB, and Kindle version of the book. It will be $57 during the four-day launch period (it will be more expensive afterwards).

Option 2: The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual Full Suite. This includes the following:

– Everything in the digital version of the book as listed above.

– The unabridged audiobook in standard MP3 format. This is 9.5 hours of audio recorded in my sexy voice, completely unabridged and unedited.

– The Ultimate Version of The Ultimate Open Relationships Manual, my book on how to create and manage FB, MLTR, and OLTR relationships you don’t live with. This is the full book plus the unabridged audiobook plus all the supplemental materials. In many ways, The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual is “part two” to The Ultimate Open Relationships Manual. So, in this way you get the true full package.

– A live video group coaching session with me two weeks after your purchase where you can ask me direct questions (anonymous if you want), live, on anything related to managing your live-in relationship with your wife or girlfriend.

You get all of that for just $97 if you get it during the four-day launch. If you want all that plus the video course, you have one more option…

Option 3: The Ultimate Open Marriage Video Course. This is a full video course that is five hours of videos in 18 lessons that goes over the content of the book in great detail, with visuals. The above video is just a sample of what you’ll receive.

The video course includes:

– Everything listed above in the Option #2 Ultimate Open Marriage Manual Full Suite (the book, audio book, The Ultimate Open Relationships Manual and group coaching session)

– The entire video course, five hours of video over 18 lessons that walk you through everything, step-by-step.

You get all of that for just $347 if you get it over the four-day launch window. Pretty damn cheap as compared to my other courses which are usually over $1,000.

In this course, you will learn:

– How to manage your marriage (or live-in relationship, but I still call that “a marriage”) with the minimum amount of drama possible.

– How to maintain peak attraction from your girlfriend/wife.

– How to configure your home for minimal conflict.

– How to manage sexual logistics, rules, and jealousy with your girlfriend/wife.

– How to attract new side-women into your life without having to lie or make things “weird” because you’re already married.

– Where and how to have sex with side-women if you’re not allowed to do so in your home.

– Real-life proven systems on how to convert your monogamous marriage/relationship into a non-monogamous one where your current girlfriend/wife will start letting you have sex with other women while staying with you.

– How to protect 100% of your finances in case of divorce or if your girlfriend/wife does something problematic financially.

– How to ensure everything you do financially in your marriage is 100% legally enforceable so there are no hidden problems later.

– And much more.

Free Online Training Webinar!

On May 28th at noon PST I will be doing a FREE online training webinar on how to construct and manage a non-monogamous live-in relationship or marriage. Go click here to register. It’s FREE so join us! I’ll open it up for questions at the end of the training, as always.

The Book/Course

This is the bible for those men who are ready and willing to settle down long-term with a live-in girlfriend or wife but who also never wants to be sexually monogamous and doesn’t want to risk any of his hard-earned money or assets in case of divorce like most men do when they get married the traditional way.

Having a wife who you love while still being able to have sex with other women whenever you want without limits and while having all of your money and assets 100% protected in case that marriage doesn’t work out down the road… it’s truly the best of all worlds.

For you men who are already monogamous with your live-in girlfriend/wife I have you covered as well. I have an entire section on how to convert your normal marriage to an open one based on proven techniques I’ve seen scores of men use (including many I have successfully coached through the process).

It’s not just me who came up with this material. Many of the relationship techniques I present in the book have been reviewed, modified, and approved by experienced and qualified marriage therapists, experts, and attorneys to make sure that every technique presented is 100% solid.

This book will officially replace my old 2012 ebook entitled How to Create or Convert to An Open Marriage. Anyone who has purchased that book in the last 12 months will get a 50% discount on either book option or a $50 discount on the video course.

Questions and Answers

Does this material apply if you aren’t married but just live with a girlfriend or OLTR?

Yes. I have written the entire book and course to apply to three types of men:

1. Men who are living full-time with a girlfriend right now.

2. Men who are actually legally married.

3. Men who have a girlfriend or OLTR right now they don’t live with but are considering moving in with her or marrying her within the next 12-24 months.

Is the audiobook unabridged?

Yes. The audiobook is the full version of the book with nothing left out (except for some of the index type stuff at the end).

Can I get a paperback version of the book?

Not at this time. That will be coming in a few months at Amazon. I don’t have dates for that yet. The digital version includes a version that will work in your Kindle though.

Will the audiobook be at Audible?

No but it will be in standard MP3 format playable on any device you own. The book will eventually be on Audible but that will be a while.

I’ve already purchased your older version of the open marriage book. How do I get my discount?

I will post instructions on what to do on May 28th when we launch the book on how to get your discount.

Mark your calendar for May 28th for when you can get The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual or the Ultimate Open Marriage Course and click right here to save your spot for the free open marriage / OLTR Marriage online training.

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