Our New Form Of Government: Bush-Obamaism

Is the USA an example of capitalism? Socialism? Corporatism? Fascism?

It’s none of those! It’s a new form of government never seen before called Bush-Obamaism. I shall describe how Bush-Obamaism works.

  • Massive government and government growth is extremely important and one of its primary goals. Government is considered the primary engine of the economy and GDP.
  • A vast war machine is critical to Bush-Obamaism. It likes at least three or four little wars going at all times, minimum. If the number of wars drops down below this number, the Bush-Obamaism country will be sure to attack a few new little countries to keep the war machine nice and healthy.
  • Privacy does not exist under Bush-Obamaism. Phone calls, emails, Facebook info, all of that the government has access to. In order to protect you. Or something.
  • Once companies reach a certain (large) size, the role of government under Bush-Obamaism is to keep these companies alive no matter how badly they do in the free market, how badly they rip off their customers, stockholders, or bondholders, or how often they break the law.
  • Bush-Obamaism loves massive waves of immigrants every year. Legal or illegal, it doesn’t care. As long of hordes of third-worlders pour into the country every year, the lords of Bush-Obamaism are happy. The “Bushes” love the cheap labor, the “Obamas” love the voting block.
  • Bush-Obamaism is based on debt. Government spending, business spending, and consumer spending are completely based on debt. This includes borrowing from other countries and/or monetizing the debt by the government buying bonds from itself. Actually saving money is discouraged by both the government’s rhetoric and its monetary policy. Spending is celebrated, saving is discouraged.
  • Bush-Obamaism focuses on a vast military empire. Hundreds of thousands of troops are spread all over the world. Hundreds of military bases all over the world are maintained forever, often for no reason (other than to “provide jobs”).
  • Wealth redistribution is a key tenet of Bush-Obamaism. Trillions of dollars are collected from taxpayers and are redistributed to all kinds of other people, including, but not limited to, people who don’t want to work, unemployed unmarried women who have babies on purpose, evil dictators in foreign countries, Wall Street bankers and CEOs, corporate lobbyists, farmers, oil companies, green companies, and many other types of people too numerous to list here. The more money it taxes and redistributes, the more “successful” Bush-Obamaism considers itself.
  • Bush-Obamaism relies on eternal, artificial, near-zero interest rates. The government insures that the interest rates always remain low, forever, and will do whatever is in their power to ensure this, no matter how insane the method. This is the only way it can stave off recession. (At least for a while.)
  • All political parties must follow Bush-Obamaism or they are denied access to state ballots, presidential debates, and other such mechanisms enjoyed by the Bush-Obamaism parties. This ensures that the only political parties who ever get elected are very pro-Bush-Obamaism, all while maintaining the illusion that he citizens actually live in a democracy, which they do not.

Bush-Obamaism is very interesting. It’s only been around for about 13 years, having been invented in the USA around 2001. It’s a great way for a country to have a fun ride before crashing into the side of a mountain, and is sure to be emulated by many other governments controlled by politicians who seek power while providing the illusion of freedom and (temporary) prosperity to their citizens.

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  • Bob Dylan
    Posted at 07:54 pm, 9th August 2016

    So neoconservatism?

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 09:34 pm, 9th August 2016

    Essentially, though Bush-Obamaism’s focus on big government is much more overt and neconservatism’s main focus is foreign policy.

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