Obama Knows Big Government Doesn’t Work

Obama explains why Obamacare doesn’t work. It’s already queued to about the right spot (39:50); you only need to watch for about three minutes:


It’s not often you see a leftist (such as he is) espouse libertarian realities about how big government works. He actually says it: more laws cause “chronic” problems. Government I.T. projects are always “over-budget” and “behind schedule”. And he “knew” government “wasn’t good at this stuff” when he started down this Obamacare road two years ago. But of course he did it anyway.

But oh well, he says, that “doesn’t help us now”. Nice.

Cherish the moment. It won’t happen again any time soon. (As a matter of fact, Obama and his defenders will soon start to say never said what he just said above.)

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