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You asked for it for years, and because I’m full of sweetness and love, I’m here to give it to you.

I have finally returned to blogging. It’s very much like coming home.

My History With Blogging

If you didn’t already know, I first built my online brand through blogs. The first was blog about dating and relationship advice for men called the Blackdragon Blog. I then added a second blog about business and politics called the Caleb Jones Blog, then I added a third blog about time management called Sublime Your Time.

I was pretty successful at blogging and had over 1 million readers per year. It’s what initially drove my fame on the internet.

For years we had a great time in the comment sections of my blogs and had many fantastic discussions that really helped a lot of people.

Then around 2019 I decided to stop blogging (more or less) and convert all of my content to YouTube video, because I saw the writing on the wall, that people online were getting briefer attention spans and were also getting dumber (one of the many symptoms of Western collapse).

For a while I had someone transcribe my videos and make them into de facto blog posts without any comments, and eventually I just stopped all of that and leaned 100% into video content.

It was the correct move to make at the time.

However, long story short, the video content didn’t really work the way I wanted. Instead of exploding on YouTube the way my blogs exploded, my views languished on YouTube. The reason? In blogging, there is no algorithm (there’s SEO, but that’s not the same thing). In blogging, if you write good stuff and do it for a long enough time, you’ll get an audience. There’s no algorithm helping or suppressing your content.

That is not how YouTube works. Holy shit, quite the opposite. YouTube success is more about manipulating the algorithm than providing high quality content. I’m not saying 100% of all famous YouTubers provide shitty content, but you get my point.

Needless to say, my content is not algorithm friendly in the least. The last thing YouTube wants to talk about is how America is collapsing or how long-term monogamy doesn’t work. If my topics were about politics, Batman, or the stock market, then I would have done just fine. I explained it all in a video here.

Also, the quality of the comments on my YouTube channels plummeted in terms of quality from the blog days. Instead of the well-thought-out observations and arguments in my blog comments, the YouTube comments (as well as comments on the alt-tech sites like Rumble, Bitchute, etc) were mostly just one or two line quickie comments, both from supporters and random idiots. There is little to no actual analysis or real discussion.

Youtube just isn’t a good place to have really good comment discussions.

What I’m Doing Now and How This Is All Going To Work

I will still provide YouTube content. I have to; it’s the nature of the beast when you are an online brand. Video is king. Both at my Alpha Male 2.0 Youtube channel and my Sovereign CEO Youtube channel I will continue to do live streams and upload videos regularly.

But now I will also write one blog article per week at both of my new blogs, the Alpha Male 2.0 blog (focused on guy lifestyle, dating, non-monogamous relationships, anti-aging, etc) and the Sovereign CEO blog (focused on setting up your own location-independent business, moving or spending more time internationally, etc).

This particular blog article you’re currently reading will be duplicated at both blogs, just to get things started. After that, each blog will have its own set of unique articles.

Each article at each blog will also be an email newsletter that will be sent out to each appropriate mailing list.

The Alpha 2.0 Newsletter will only have Alpha Male 2.0 content and the Sovereign CEO Newsletter will only have SCEO content. So if you want both sets of content, you’ll have to subscribe to both mailing lists. I say this because before, the Alpha Male 2.0 Newsletter had both sets of content. No longer. Now they’re split out between both newsletters.

If you’re currently on my mailing list, I realize I send a lot of email. To help offset that, I’m going to provide amazing articles that will really help you on your journey. I have some other plans for more non-sales content on my mailing lists.

The blog post version and the newsletter version of each article will be posted on the same day. Each one will be once a week. As of yet, I haven’t decided which day of the week, but I’ll keep you posted on that.

You can comment on every blog article, but obviously, you must go to the blog version of the article to leave a comment. We will have a link to the blog article at the bottom of every email newsletter article if you wish to comment.

In terms of rules for commenting, I will maintain my Five Simple Rules as I have for over a decade. They are listed here and are very easy to understand. (If you violate one of these Five Simple Rules, I will delete your comment and/or ban you with a cheerful, outcome-independent glee.)

Also, there will be a new feature of these articles called the Deep Dive. This is where I will do a “deep dive” long answer on a question or topic from you in the audience. There will be a $47 fee to submit your question (or topic) and I will write an entire section of the article (or the entire article) just to answer your question in the next issue of the article. I’m doing this to justify the weekly time I need to spend writing these articles. (My audience and I had a big discussion about this over at my podcast.)

If we get lots of question submissions, I’ll answer them in the order received. If you want your question answered urgently you can pay an extra fee and “skip the line” and I’ll answer you question in the very NEXT issue of the article.

Click here to submit your questions.

In terms of proofreading and making the articles look pretty, I’m not going to take a lot of extra time to do this. If you see typos, just let me know and I’ll fix them whenever I get around to it, if ever. If the typos drive you crazy, then I don’t care, and once again, you’re welcome for the free content it takes me hours a week to create.

A.I. Representation of My Office In Dubai (not quite real, but close)

What’s Going To Happen Soon

This blog is NOT where the main blog will reside. This is just temporary until my tech team develops a more expansive and robust custom WordPress blog over on my own servers. I didn’t want to wait several weeks to start doing this, so this hosting at WordPress.com is only temporary.

When this blog gets moved to the “real” blog (coming soon, and again there are two blogs) we will move all the articles and comments over to the new blogs and we’ll stay there forever. When I say “articles and comments” I’m talking about the content at THIS new blog. I’m not talking about my old blogs.

What About The Old Blogs?

The old blogs are still located at their original locations, listed below:



As many of you know, these blogs run slow, the formatting of the articles can be pretty screwy, some of the old hyperlinks don’t work, and some of the comments are missing. I have all of these things in my archive so they are not gone. They just don’t appear at the moment (or appear but don’t work).

At some point, I will “resurrect” the old blogs and make them pretty and functional again. However, this is a very big project with a shitload of data (thousands of articles, tens of thousands of comments, all with images, hyperlinks, etc) that will cost me a decent amount of money to move, convert, format, etc, and this will provide pretty much zero ROI for me.

So it’s on my to-do list, but don’t expect it to happen any time soon. It’s a lot of expense for me for zero income. If you have any ideas, you are more than welcome to share them in the comments.

Lastly, I’m in the process of rebranding Sovereign CEO. I’m going to change the name, the website, the logo, and everything to make it clearer and easier to understand. I’m going to clean up the Alpha Male 2.0 website as well. More on that soon.

If there are any questions, leave a comment, and I’ll be giving you more articles ASAP.

See you here very soon!

Leave your comment below, but be sure to follow the Five Simple Rules.

  • commenting101
    Posted at 05:00 pm, 3rd December 2023

    Glad to have you back in writing

  • jasonbolton
    Posted at 05:06 am, 4th December 2023

    Looking forward to the new articles

  • sofasttt
    Posted at 06:05 am, 18th December 2023

    Glad to see you back. However the layout seems weird from my end (Latest Firefox, Windows 10). The gray background with black typeset doesn’t look very good.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 07:50 am, 18th December 2023

    Any comments regarding the appearance of this blog are a waste of time because we’re changing it all in a few weeks as I said in the first post.

  • David Nguyen
    Posted at 11:36 pm, 14th February 2024

    actually, I’m looking for your post in wordpress.com and I only need to see text only to maximize my focus.

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