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Avoid the Collapse – How To Become Hyper-Flexible

We are currently living in a world that could be said to be experiencing a period of Economic, Social and cultural dark age. A period of economic, social  and cultural crisis. A lot has changed and is still changing.

To be able to survive in this era, you need certain life skills or hacks. These are resources that would help you to overcome the challenges that come along with this new age.

For clarity, there are two categories of people that would thrive well in this era. They are; The Wealthy people and the hyper-flexible ones.

  • The wealthy people

These are essentially people who have about ten million dollars or more in their account. They are people who have landed assets and chains of business and investment.  These sets of people are free to live how and where they want.

  •  The hyper-flexible people

The second set of people that would do well in this age of economic, social and cultural imbalance are people who are capable of adapting to any environment or condition. These sets of people are called hyper-flexible people. People in this category, unlike the wealthy ones, don’t choose how or where they live. They are not picky, as they have limited resources available to them. Instead, they make use of the available resources and find a way to put up with its shortcomings and though might not be happy, would be comfortable. This set of people are the ones we would be looking at.

Being hyper-flexible helps you to effect changes in your life. In the past, one could literally live without being hyper-flexible but not anymore. Times have changed and only those who possess this quality of flexibility will prevail. Now let’s look at some of the ways to become hyper-flexible and adapt to the new changes in our present world and the one to come.

1. Get out of your comfort zone

You have to take a shift from your normal way of life to something different and inconveniencing. It involves doing things that you wouldn’t have ordinarily done. The essence of this exercise is to help you adapt to different situations and figure out how to manage yourself through them. Under this step, you can try;

  • Leaving your bigger apartment to spend a week or more in a smaller and less convenient one. This would help you understand how to manage space and maximize it to produce great results.
  • Traveling to a less developed country or state. Try going to a less developed country and spending some time there. Try to fit in. Eat the local dishes, use  less sophisticated items and see how bad it can get. If you are okay there, you would probably be okay anywhere else. This is particularly recommended for the young ones who spend most of their time watching movies, playing video games or chatting on the internet. Try something new and different!

Note that you are advised to go to a less developed country, not a dangerous one. Safety is important.

For any of the steps you take, make sure you observe the changes you make in the new environment. Study the contrast and evaluate your abilities. If you don’t struggle to survive under these conditions, then you are hyper-flexible and are ready to face this time and age.

2. Find new ways of doing things or solving problems.

One other major characteristic of a hyper-flexible person is the ability to find alternative ways of doing things or solving problems. Instead of dreading the situation and trying to find your way around it, you find a way to make use of what you have to achieve greater goals. 

Here is a simple illustration to help you understand this concept. Let’s assume that you decided to leave your comfort zone like we discussed earlier and then you find yourself in a remote area where you don’t have access to pipe-borne water. Ordinarily, you would like  to move out of the area or order bottled water from the city. But being hyper-flexible would make you think otherwise. You can get water from the local stream and purify it. You boil the water then filter it and it would be fit for drinking. This would save you not just money but time.

So, the bottom line here is that you would have to learn how to tackle challenges directly. Hyper-flexible people don’t run away from challenges. They redefine them. Adapt to the changes around you and make the best use of the available resources. It won’t necessarily make you happy but you would be comfortable.

3. Outcome Independence

The concept of outcome independence is a controversial one. While you feel like you are living your life as it suits you, someone else sees you as selfish and irrational.

So, outcome independence is a state of caring less about the outcome of events. You don’t get bothered about the results of people’s actions and how it affects you. You just do what you have to do and if it turns out well, fine. If it doesn’t, still fine.

You wake up in the morning with great plans for the day, but you don’t think much about how the day would end. You just live it through and at the end of the day, you accept whatever good or bad that comes your way. That hyper-flexible orientation you have helps you to understand that getting worked up over the turnout of events doesn’t help matters. So you allow things to take their natural course.

For you to effectively implement this attitude, you should start by asking yourself the question “why”. Ask yourself the need for your worries. If someone fixes a meeting by 3:00 pm and shows up by 3:30 pm, what difference does it make if you get angry and pour out your annoyance? It won’t change anything and that’s the fact. So you just choose to remain calm and allow things to work out their way.

4. Find the Pain of NOT Doing Anything

Having discussed the ways to achieve hyper-flexibility, it’s time to look at the effects of not being wealthy or hyper-flexible in this dark age. 

For people who are not wealthy and who fail to become hyper-flexible, the dark age would be a terrible time for you. If you don’t have investments or assets that you can rely on, you are going to be helpless. And as you are not hyper-flexible, you won’t be able to put up with the challenges that would come your way.

In addition, what happens to your dream life? The one you have always hoped to live one day? It’s all going to be a mirage. When you finally get old, you would just be hanging on. But being hyper-flexible will allow you to adapt to changes that come along. Whether life throws luxury or average living, you can easily adapt and be comfortable. 


The dark age is not coming, it’s upon us. Look around you and see the standard of living people put up with. The number of displaced and homeless persons are increasing. Political crises are raging and the economy is plunging. Amidst this whole catastrophe, what’s your shelter?

To put it straight, the people that will survive the dark age are those who have shifted from being afraid of taking actions to being afraid of not taking them at all. Go out today and make a change. Rise above your comfort and seek solutions. The times are tough, and only the tough ones will live through.