Niching Your Alpha 2.0 Business for Maximum Profit

Here is the next installment on how to create and profit from your own location-independent Alpha 2.0 business. Your comments, emails, and input have been really helpful and I’m making lots of notes if I release another course in the future.

Fast recap: Your Alpha 2.0 Business provides you a $75,000 per year or more location-independent income that frees you to live a life as you choose. The Alpha 2.0 business course (click here for it) goes on sale THIS FRIDAY for just ONE WEEK.

Now here’s how to niche your business so you can get from zero to the money faster:

Niching Your Business

What’s the number one reason most business owners go out of business?

It’s because they don’t sell enough. They don’t prioritize marketing and sales. I’ve talked about that before.

What’s the second reason most business owners go out of business?

It’s because they don’t niche. They try to sell something to everyone.

They do something like this. A guy will lose 40 pounds and gain some muscle and really enjoy the entire process. He’ll say, “I want to start an online fitness business showing other people how to do the same thing!”

So he excitedly sets up a website, does a few videos, podcasts, blog posts, whatever, and tries to sell some kind of ebook, coaching service, or whatever.

After a few months, he makes no money, throws his arms in the air in defeat, abandons it all, assumes that he just “isn’t good at business” or that making money on the internet is “too hard” and does something else.

But wait! That wasn’t the problem! He really did have some good material that people could have bought and benefited from. He could have made a good amount of money.

His problem was that he was trying to sell to everyone. He put up a fitness site and immediately went into competition against countless THOUSANDS of fitness gurus and information providers on the internet all over the world, many of whom have been at this a long time, have big audiences already, and know what they’re doing.

With those kinds of odds, of course you’ll fail. It doesn’t mean you weren’t selling something that was needed. It’s because you tried to do something that was almost impossible; stand out in an overly crowded marketplace.

It’s not just fitness guys. It’s the same thing when guys try to become copywriters, life coaches, accountants, or write books on business success. They just take their valuable but somewhat generic product/service/information and try to sell it to the entire world. They don’t stand out, the competition is formidable, so making money is damn near impossible.

Let’s instead say the fitness guy niched.

The first thing he does is niche his offering. Instead of talking about “getting fit” or “being healthy” or “looking good,” he niches his offering and strictly talks about losing body fat. That’s it. Not gaining muscle. Not being healthier. Not living longer. Nope. Just losing body fat. That’s all.

Selling the prospect of losing body fat is much more effective than trying to sell overall health or overall beauty. He’s already improved his chances at making real money. But he’s not done yet. Now he has to niche is audience.

Instead of selling losing body fat to everyone in the entire world, he does some research and tries to find a good niche he can sell to. He can burrow into that niche and completely focus on them instead of “everybody.”

So he decides to sell the benefit of losing body fat to women who just had a baby. After some more thought, he realizes that he doesn’t want young single mothers, because they don’t have enough money to buy his higher-end products/services/information. So he further niches that to married women who just had a baby.

He goes through all of his marketing materials, websites, advertising, marketing, and products/services/information to reflect ONLY losing body fat for the married woman who just had a baby. He doesn’t talk about anything else. Just that. He totally immerses himself in that niche.

Now, he has very little competition. When a married woman who’s trying to lose recently-pregnant chub comes across his website (either organically or because he engaged in very specific, targeted advertising to married moms) she instantly stops, and her eyes bug out of her skull. She actually stops to read his stuff. She’s pulled right in. He’s immediately viewed as an expert in her situation. Because he is.

He starts getting more and more business and more and more referrals. He starts creating more things for his niche to purchase from him and starts raising his prices, which his niche happily pays, since he’s the only fitness guy on the entire internet focusing just on them (or at least very close to it).

True, his market is much smaller than “everyone on the planet trying to lose weight,” but he’s getting so much business at such high margins from this smaller market that he doesn’t care. In no time, he’s making the Alpha Male 2.0 minimum of $75,000 per year, totally location-independent, working less than 30 hours per week. Over time he starts to make much more than this.

The Alpha 2.0 Business Course will show you exactly how to find what to sell and how to identify a niche for you to sell it. That way you can make $6500 per month from anywhere in the world on less than 30 hours per week too. It’s a nice way to live.

One question that has come up in the last few days:

There’s an additional upsell audio course. Does that mean the main course is lacking information?

No! The additional audio course is extra. It’s helpful, but not required. I did not pull anything required out of the main course to put into the upsell course. The main course is comprehensive and complete, as is. It was designed that way. (I honesty have scores of additional, supplemental techniques one could use in their business that are extra and can’t fit into one video course like this. Maybe I’ll publish books or another course with this other stuff down the road. Business is a very, very big topic.)

This video business course goes on sale this Friday, October 19th. It will only be available for ONE WEEK. After October 25th, I will close enrollment and you will not be able to purchase it. I’ll give you guys another heads up on Thursday when I open enrollment at midnight.

I am so excited I can barely contain myself. Seriously! I (and many others) have worked very hard on this for a very long time and I’ve put my best stuff into it. I can’t wait to share it with you.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. They’ve been very helpful.

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  • Ivan
    Posted at 12:19 pm, 15th October 2018

    Hi,Caleb,I cant wait to buy your course.My question is about the upsell audio course.If i buy the course on saturday,can i buy the bonus product on another day,or i have to buy both at the same time?

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 12:35 pm, 15th October 2018

    At the sales page, you must buy both at the same time. If you want to buy the 2nd course after the first one, we’ll provide manual instructions on how to do that. (As long as it’s all before the 25th.)

  • James Clewlow
    Posted at 02:55 pm, 21st November 2019

    Hey Caleb, I know this comment is a long time after this post was published however I have only recently come across your great work.


    My question: is focusing on skinny guys a narrow enough niche in fitness? I focus purely on building muscle, so nothing to do with fat loss etc.


    Would you recommend “skinny guys under 35” or “skinny guys who are married/have kids/a certain type of occupation”.


    Hope this gets seen haha.





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