What Location Independent Income Really Means

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One of the many benefits of your Alpha 2.0 business is location independent income. Today I shall explain what location independent income actually means and how it benefits you because there has been some confusion about this.

The broad definition of location independent income is your ability to create income via work that is done in any location you choose, anywhere on the planet. This means that you could be in Hawaii, Russia, Zimbabwe, Peru, Singapore, or North Dakota and it doesn’t matter. As long as you have some communication means, you can still work (whenever you want) and earn all the income you want to maintain your lifestyle.

Now I’ll expand this into what this actually means for you.

Location independent income also means it doesn’t matter if you’re a digital nomad or perpetual traveler. So you could be in Budapest one week, Paris the next week, Chiang Mai the next week, and Tokyo the week after that, and you could still maintain your income with no problem. By being location independent, you are not rooted to one location ever again, unless you want to be.

Let’s say you want to be rooted to one location for whatever reason. That’s fine too. Location independent income means you can take a “vacation” away from that location whenever the hell you want for as long as you want. Normal beta males and Alpha 1.0s, when they go on vacation, need to go back home in a week or two at the most. They have to. They have no choice, even if they make high incomes. But the Alpha Male 2.0 can go on “vacation” for three months, six months, or more if he wants, and with minimal hassle.

I say “vacation” in quotes because he still has to work at least a little bit while he’s gone, but he doesn’t have to work hard unless he wants to. (I only need to work 15 hours per week. Most Alpha 2.0s need to work less than 30. I know some guys who don’t even need to work 15.)

Moreover, location independent income introduces a degree of security into your life. If down the road, something horrible happens to your country or your city, you can just leave and go somewhere else with zero damage to your financial life.

Maybe nothing ever goes wrong with your city or country, but perhaps down the road, as you age, you change your mind, and decide you want to move somewhere else. With location independent income, you just do it. With normal income, you’re screwed, and moving is very difficult. Indeed, the excuse of “I can’t move” is a very common one I hear from men when they complain about financial or women deficiencies where they live.

This is one of the many reasons why I sleep very well at night. I know I can literally move to the other side of the planet, whenever I want, and it would take me less than four weeks to do so; less than two weeks in a pinch.

So location independent income benefits you greatly even if you don’t want to be some kind of world traveler.

It’s true that you need some kind of means of voice and/or internet communication in order to be location independent, but that’s easy. Even third-world countries have cabled or wifi internet connections that are decent. Even if you’re in a place where there isn’t internet but there is cell service, you can just tether your phone to your laptop or tablet, and away you go. I do this all the time when I travel internationally.

You can even take this a step further once your Alpha 2.0 business is making a little money, and invest in a portable satellite hotspot for your phone and laptop. You can get these kinds of things from companies like Telstra, BGAN, or GroundControl. You can get one for $2,000, or a really nice one for $4,000, all tax deductible. Then you have internet and phone literally anywhere you are in the world, even in the middle of Antarctica. Once your business is making regular income, that cost might be worth it to you if you travel off the grid often. And the cost of these things goes down every year.

Moreover, you can structure your Alpha 2.0 business to not need internet at all, or need very little of it. As I lay out in great detail in the Alpha 2.0 Business Course, one of my Alpha 2.0 businesses is completely offline. There isn’t even a website for it. To manage that business, I need telephone and email and that’s it, and even then, only sporadically. There’s no reason you couldn’t set up your business the same way.

Another benefit of location independent income is that it frees you from just selling stuff to the other people in your city or country. If you live in a lower-income area like Eastern Europe or Africa, you’re forced to sell to other poor Eastern Europeans or Africans. But that sucks! Location independent income means you can sell to more wealthy folks in London, New York, or Singapore… while still staying in your home city. In the 21st Century, there is literally no reason to sell stuff to your poor neighbor. Instead, sell stuff to rich folks on the other side of the planet. Much better.

There are so many lifestyle benefits to location independent income that I honestly don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have it, or at least doesn’t try to have it. Even when I was a beta male years ago, I still had location independent income as a strong goal. As I mentioned in the Alpha 2.0 Business Course, my goal back then was to be able to leave the country for an entire month and have no drop in income while I was gone.

Today I can be gone for a month, a year, or even forever, and not only will my income not drop, but it will probably go up. I still remember the first time I was out of town for three weeks and my income actually went up while I was gone. Man, that was a good feeling.

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  • OG
    Posted at 12:16 am, 23rd October 2018

    Hey Caleb,

    Moreover, location independent income introduces a degree of security into your life. If down the road, something horrible happens to your country or your city, you can just leave and go somewhere else with zero damage to your financial life.

    So in this case, you could live in Eastern Europe, have a location-independent income, and then when the crash happens (euro collapses, civil war, etc.) you could just buy a plane ticket to New Zealand or Argentina?

    Would you say this is a good safeguard against the collapse?


  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 09:57 am, 23rd October 2018

    Would you say this is a good safeguard against the collapse?

    Absolutely. You have far more security with location independent income than without it, all other factors being equal.

    The next level of security beyond LO income would be a 2nd passport, but that gets into Five Flags territory.

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