Recent Examples of Political Correctness in Movies

As always, left wing political correctness infests most movies that come out of Hollywood, and recently I’ve seen several examples of where this is very subtle, perhaps going unnoticed by the majority of the people watching these movies. Here’s a few recent examples, just off the top of my head.

1. The horror movie It stars a group of kids, all of them boys with one girl. The girl is the strongest, bravest one in the group. In one scene, they’re about to enter a haunted house, and they’re all scared (except the girl, of course). The leader of the group asks for a show of hands for who wants to stay outside the house and stand guard instead of going inside. All of the boys raise their hands. The girl is the only one who keeps her hand down. There are various other examples of this throughout the movie.

Imagine if the roles were reversed; a movie starring a group of little girls who are all terrified, but there’s one boy in the group who is brave. Would you ever see a movie like that from Hollywood today?

2. The comedy movie Rough Night stars a group of women going on a bachelorette weekend. It shows the women flying to Miami, having fun, doing drugs, dancing, having a stripper come to their fancy house, and having a wild and great time. It then shows the men having the bachelor party, and all of them are extreme beta males, sitting around a quiet table doing an extremely boring wine tasting, and saying “Oooo” and “Ahhh” whenever the wine expert says anything about the wine.

When one of these men gets a phone call from his fiancé at the bachelorette party, he’s gets nervous that she might break up with him. His other beta male friends encourage him to leave the party immediately, get in a car, and literally drive all the way to Miami to make sure she doesn’t leave him. They even recommend he buy some adult diapers and wear them during the trip, so he can just pee in his pants instead of stopping for a bathroom break. A scene where he buys the diapers at a grocery store is played for laughs.

Again, flip this. Can you imagine actually seeing a movie where a woman wears adult diapers and pisses her pants as she drives 20 hours to make sure her boyfriend doesn’t break up with her?

3. The sci-fi movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets has two man heroes, a man and a woman. Both the man and the woman are equally able to engage in hand-to-hand combat with giant adversaries even though the woman probably weighs about 90 pounds, but that’s nothing new and I’ve talked about that many times. Stacked on top of that is the fact that throughout the entire movie, the man has massive oneitis for the woman and keeps pestering her to have sex with him or marry him. She rebuffs him throughout the entire movie of course. Imagine a movie in the 80’s, or even early 90’s, where a man/woman hero team had this same dynamic.

I haven’t even talked about recent movies that were overtly politically correct, like Detroit and Atomic Blonde. Those would be too easy.

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  • Shayme
    Posted at 07:46 am, 20th September 2017

    I just seen IT last night and noticed the same thing. She also cut her hair herself when angry about suspected molestation from her father, making herself look like a boy. Somehow, defying common sense, the boys are still wildly attracted to her even though she looks more like them now. She’s the strongest, most clever, and all the boys are panzies except for the town bullies. Im just glad that a lot of women still keep long hair even if they want to act tough and as strong as a man which isn’t true at all. Coming from BJJ and boxing background even the best women will lose to an average man easily, no contest. I read someone argued that birth control hormonal changes in women is leading to more bisexual and gay wueer people being born due to genetic changes in womb. If so, this isn’t a political discussion anymore t would just be the future based on science. Gender non binary them, they, etc. Like that guy who committed cop suicide he other day. Obviously had mental problems!

  • CrabRangoon
    Posted at 09:26 am, 20th September 2017

    Saw IT and although I enjoyed it, I noticed that too.  Funny how those things stand out now that I’m more aware.  I’m amazed they didn’t have the girl do solo battle with IT and win before any of the guys showed up at the end.

    I also read they are once again trying Terminator movies with Linda Hamilton and Arnie reprising their roles at 60 and 70 respectively.   I’m sure they will make the geriatric Sara Conner a total badass granny who can take down a terminator robot, cuz you know, there just aren’t enough 60+ women in action movies today.  Even Arnie is too old for this shit now.  Hollywood has gotten pretty lame and awful in the past 10 years or so with mainly remakes and rehashes of old movies.

    I’m sure the Last Jedi movie will once again feature Mary Rey Sue easily dominating all the men after a few hours of jedi training.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 10:42 am, 20th September 2017

    Coming from BJJ and boxing background even the best women will lose to an average man easily, no contest.


    I’m amazed they didn’t have the girl do solo battle with IT and win before any of the guys showed up at the end.

    Ha! I was actually expecting something like that! Yes.

  • AnonDude
    Posted at 01:55 pm, 20th September 2017

    I haven’t seen Valerian yet but I was expecting something like that from Luc Besson. He seems to really like his special effects and badass female characters. By the way, how is the movie anyway? Is it worth seeing?

  • Steve
    Posted at 02:29 pm, 20th September 2017

    Yep, blatant brainwashing from Hollyweird. The best way to handle them is to do your part to contribute to them slowly going bankrupt by refusing to go to the theater, or buying their DVD’s. Pirate streams are very abundant these days.

    The backlash is already happening of course. Did you see the overwhelmingly negative reaction,and record low ratings of the PC, anti Trump Emmy’s, as well as the “gender neutral” MTV VMA’s?

    What the fuck do they want anyway? No more genders? Caleb you’re right man, the West has lost it’s fucking mind. I would not bring kids into this world the way it is currently.

    We’re talking Star Trek on your other blog. Part of me is really excited about the new series coming out next week, but I’m afraid we’re going to get even more of this bullshit in Discovery from CBS.

  • blueguitar
    Posted at 02:50 pm, 20th September 2017

    Coming from BJJ and boxing background even the best women will lose to an average man easily, no contest.

    I don’t have a background in Jiu-Jitsu, but I thought that BJJ was supposed to even the differences between height and weight?

  • Shanghai_bobby
    Posted at 03:00 pm, 20th September 2017

    You think these movies are bad Caleb?

    Try playing Horizon Zero Dawn (or watching the game movie). It’s literally the epitome of men are shit/women are gold or men are criminals/women are saviours of the world etc.. etc…

    If HZD didn’t have this heavy PC/Leftie/Feminist undertone, it would have actually been one of the most amazing games/game movies made! Such a shame …

  • Raven
    Posted at 07:44 pm, 20th September 2017


    It compensates better than any other martial art from what I know, but nothing short of a handgun can eliminate strength and weight advantage. That’s why they have weight classes in the UFC and women’s divisions in sports: so weaker people can compete.

    And that’s why I laugh when I see self defense for women. Poor deluded souls think they can actually take on a guy 10 kilos heavier than them with a groin kick and an eye poke (good luck hitting one of those in a high stress scenario against someone actively trying to hurt you).

  • James
    Posted at 08:08 pm, 20th September 2017

    I’m an average sized guy, and in BJJ I armbarred a bigger guy who literally stood up, and curled out of the armbar.

    Size and weight matter a lot.

    People who don’t have experience with physical violence eat a lot of myths about it. At one point in the UFC when Ronda Rousy was a big “Star” everyone was chirping about how she could beat men in her size (including people who were well trained, oddly enough). It was awful.

    It’s a dangerous delusion. I’ve trained for over a decade and I know there are untrained men out there who would ruin my day easy based off of pure physical stats alone.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 09:09 pm, 20th September 2017

    By the way, how is the movie anyway? Is it worth seeing?

    Great special effects but shitty everything else. Fifth Element was a better movie, and even that had problems.

  • Joanna
    Posted at 01:16 am, 21st September 2017

    Omg I laughed so hard yes everyone would loose their minds if the roles were reversed. I for one woould get my skull crushed if I engaged a giant alien, the best best for women unless you on steroids is to learn some Krav Maga to surprise your giant man assailant and learn to run fucking fast. No one likes watching movies with me because I verbalise every ridiculous implausible scene with negative rebuff.

  • Daisy
    Posted at 03:47 am, 21st September 2017

    [quote=Raven]And that’s why I laugh when I see self defense for women. Poor deluded souls think they can actually take on a guy 10 kilos heavier than them with a groin kick and an eye poke (good luck hitting one of those in a high stress scenario against someone actively trying to hurt you).[\endquote]

    The point of self defense isn’t to “take them on,” it’s to momentarily disarm the attacker just enough to GTFO. Most attackers are doing it of the mindset that she really wants it anyways or some other kind of delusion so they’re not of the mindset to overcome resistance in those critical moments.

  • Shayme
    Posted at 06:25 am, 21st September 2017

    BJJ is not a silver bullet. It will give you an advantage against people your size or smaller who have no training. The stronger person will eventually impose their will on the other person during a match. BJJ is humbling in that regard. You realize a lot of guys can wreck your shit! It’s really fun though.

    Laughing at big guy standing out of armbar. Some guys are. Such beasts the technique can’t be applied on them. I’m slightly above average in strength but I’d say most guys my weight (190, 71″) at my gym are stronger than me.

    Past instructor used to always yell at me during rolls, technique NOT strength! Then when I rolled with him he mounted me and I grabbed lapels so he couldnt get my arm to lock it. He just grabbed my arm and went hulk-smash on me, ripped it away from my body with all his might and then arm barred me. He could have went for a choke instead, but he’s a big beast and just had his way. I knew then that his technique not strength mantra was true only up to a certain point. He certainly took advantage of his strength in a position where you typically would try something else.

  • Raven
    Posted at 06:34 am, 21st September 2017


    Sure thing, darling. But if I may retort…

    Pay attention to what he says about a person’s reaction when poked in the eye or bitten etc. Don’t escalate a situation to a point you’re not equipped to deal with.

    But don’t let me dissuade you. I’m sure there’s a McDojo instructor near you whose kids need feeding, and for a sum of money he’ll teach you his bullshido in rehearsed, hypothetical, LARPing against fully cooperating colleagues. Go ahead, take some self defense classes, you’ll feel good about yourself. That is, until and if, you actually have to use any of that in a real situation. Reality can be quite a bitch sometimes, you know?


    Oh, those were the days! Remember when Ronda said she could beat Mayweather Jr in a boxing match? And proceeded to loose twice in a row against, you know, actually good strikers. Priceless!

  • Shayme
    Posted at 08:47 am, 21st September 2017


    I had a friend with a black belt in aikido and trained with him a few times. Everything was choreographed and when I resisted or didn’t follow the script he called me a bad training partner and that I just like being ornery. ?


    As soon as the guy closes the gap and gets you on the ground you’re done. Training or not. I carry a firearm and recommend women do the same. At least pepper spray to buy you a few seconds to get away. You really don’t want to engage with a man in a fight.

  • Ascortum Tulik
    Posted at 10:18 pm, 21st September 2017

    “I don’t have a background in Jiu-Jitsu, but I thought that BJJ was supposed to even the differences between height and weight?”

    Yes but if two people have identical skill level then the person with the greater weight will win.

  • Tony
    Posted at 03:23 pm, 22nd September 2017

    I don’t see many movies, but I thought the way they had the female character in The Force Awakens be good at everything with no flaws was annoying. How are women not insulted by this stuff? These people act like women are incapable of handling anything that isn’t 100% positive towards their gender. If Feminists want more women in prominent roles in movies, they should stop complaining when a female character is flawed (i.e. interesting).

  • teacherman
    Posted at 08:14 pm, 22nd September 2017

    The other day I mentioned that Chinese restaurants sometimes use MSG during the nutrition section of one of my PE classes. I overheard a 14 year old white girl mumble, “that’s racist”. Fortunately, the majority of kids in my class are non-white immigrants and they her gave the white girl the look of death. They knew she was being idiotic and could tell I’m not racist the moment they stepped into my class a month and a half ago. Most of them by virtue of their ethnicity are probably sheltered from mainstream media and p.c. parents. Meanwhile this white girl has been programmed by media, p.c. teachers and  probably a p.c. mother to always accuse the white man.

    I really hope a future generation will rebel against all this politically correct nonsense?



  • True fan
    Posted at 05:20 am, 23rd September 2017

    Interesting about It. Based on the trailers and a few of the interviews of some cast members, I had NO idea there was a girl in the group (let alone the strong female archetype).

    Gosh I hope Hollywood doesn’t mess with the blade runner sequel!

  • epi
    Posted at 07:52 am, 23rd September 2017

    At least It was about facing fears, and the boy actually kisses the girl first, a rarity in modern movies.


  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 10:48 am, 23rd September 2017

    I really hope a future generation will rebel against all this politically correct nonsense?

    They won’t. It won’t be this one, or the next. By the time some future generation actually has the desire and means to turn this around, it will be decades down the road, and society will be so radically different from today that it won’t matter anymore.

  • Mr Wheat
    Posted at 09:10 pm, 23rd September 2017

    There is a commercial out now where a father has been playing baseball with his son and its implied the father was hit in the mouth with the son’s bat. The mother comes by and instead of being concerned about the father injury, she comments that now their vacation might be ruined. Its a weird form of political correctness that suggests the father is lowest on the family totem pole, and should be the source of scorn. Very strange. If the positions in this commercial were reversed it would be lambasted as being abusive to women. Yet the reverse is apparently totally acceptable. I wonder where all of this will end.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 10:51 am, 24th September 2017

    I wonder where all of this will end.

    Cultural collapse (or severe fragmentation) for the West, and the rise of Asia.

  • Marty
    Posted at 07:31 pm, 24th September 2017

    Any GOT’s fans? I love the show. It’s very entertaining, but FFS enough already with the female/male propaganda!! It’s actually getting to the point of stupidity now! I’ve been re watching it from the start and its actually painful to watch there is so much obvious bias towards the female characters.

    One of the most deadly people on the show is a 5 foot girl. Give me a break.

    Brienne of Tarth is a big girl 6’3 but there is no way in the real world any girl is going to beat a guy like the Hound 6’6 who is a trained killer.

    UFC/MMA is amazing as the antidote to all this stupidity in TV & Movies. Check out Megan Anderson. She is huge for a girl. 6′ and a beast. But she still fights at 145lbs. I’m sure she would mess up a lot of avg Joe’s out there. But she would have no chance against the 145lbs men let alone a heavy weight.


    I don’t think Ronda ever said she could beat Floyd at boxing. This is a quote from her redit Q&A.

    “Floyd is one of the best boxers of all time,” Rousey wrote during a Reddit Ask Me Anything session. “He would definitely beat me in a boxing match. I unfortunately don’t get into ‘matches.’ I fight for a living.”

    I think Ronda would definitely beat Floyd in a no rules fight. Unless he knocked her out on the way in with the first punch. He would be on the ground with a broken arm or unconscious in about 2sec flat. She would probably beat most avg guys with no training as well unless they had a high level of physical training or size. But she was never going to beat any higher level male UFC fighters.


  • John C
    Posted at 12:22 am, 26th September 2017

    Most modern movies that are visually stimulating. Most them if you take the CGI and other visually enhancing tools away you are left with simple plot, uninspiring characters and  propaganda. I notice and I am not sure but most of the Propaganda is female false empowerment, with some race baiting and class baiting.

    It go something like this

    “She can do anything a boy/men can do (IT, Harry Potter) but wait she can do it better (Kill Bill, Star war 7, Atomic Blonde, Tomb Radier, ect). Let’s not stop there she doesn’t even have to train  because she special (Star Wars, Frozen). Women can never do any wrong (Bad Moms, the little mermaid) and anyway most of the evil in the world are by men (list most evil villains, often a white male). If the world was run by women it would be peaceful (The Interview)”

  • Throughfare
    Posted at 09:21 am, 5th October 2017

    A self-defense trainer explains the reality of women and self-defense, vs. Hollywood bS:


  • Regina M.
    Posted at 06:33 pm, 11th February 2018

    Wouldn’t strength of a man vs a woman depend on how much each of them have trained? ( vs. b muscle content +c vs strategy of each+ vs. height and g vs. h  weight each+  vs. j martial arts/fighting experience = outcome) for example, a man who trains just as much as a woman have somewhat fair chance against each other. the factor of the woman’s supposed weakness (which biologists have proved have very little to do with how much muscle an adult has, it has to do more with how much muscle is built through lifestyle choices such as food and exercise, that and hereditary muscle strength)will be represented by a variable of k, and keep in mind the factor of men’s supposed strategic disadvantage to the woman given she has no extreme weak spot’ (in other words, no balls to kick and a slight bit stronger bones due to female developmental hormones)is more flexible and thus, can kick higher and is considered by many to be more strategic will be –l

    so our equation so far looks like this




    so given that many variables it is much harder to tell who would win, so let’s break it down: –is obviously more risky than –k so –k=-2 while –l =-4 keeping them fairly close



    say we set training amounts equal at a 7



    muscle content at 5 and 4.9 each given the genetic muscle difference in gender is about 3% according to the mean results of different statistics.


    4.9+7+ f+h+j-2=m

    the average height gap between men and women is around 3 inches (7.62 cm)so we have:



    if we are setting training amounts at the same levels weight would be pretty similar about the difference of  weight would be a difference of about 4 pounds (about 2 kg)



    we will set experience at a factor difference of how a woman is more likely to take self defense at a younger age given that women mature faster and start making their own choices at a younger age than men and that parents worry more for daughters’ being able to defend themselves in a world that thinks of them as easy targets. we will set factors of experience with a difference of 3 given girls mature 3 years earlier than boys.





    5+7+17+7+7-4=39 = 48%

    4.9+7+16.2+6.8+10-2= 42.9 =52%

    we see that the woman wins due to strategic and experience advantages but this is a very slight difference so either has a fighting chance, but these are just rough calculation given the circumstances presented, so it is uncertain if either would win depending many circumstances other than gender. so I can safely say either gender could win a fight if given the right circumstances. so therefore some women are weaker than some men, and some men are weaker than some women. it all depends on circumstances other than gender.



  • Gil Galad
    Posted at 07:36 pm, 11th February 2018

    @Regina: or you could just look at what happens when real-life male and female world-class weightlifters or martial artists are stacked against each other. Men and women don’t just differ in their default strength when sedentary, they also differ in the strength ceiling they can reach through training.

    I would also suggest you give up on coming up with these basically arbitrary coefficients, and ask an actual strength or martial arts coach/specialist who has trained thousands of men and women about what’s genetic, what’s acquired, how they respectively respond to training, who wins and due to what. You might just learn stuff that isn’t mental masturbation.

  • Marty
    Posted at 05:48 am, 12th February 2018

    a man who trains just as much as a woman have somewhat fair chance against each other.

    The whole post is silly and full of rubbish. But just this one so stupid. Anyone who has been in any sort of gym where women and men train the same thing know how silly this is. Eg. Crossfit. I’m almost 50 and no where even close to the young guys in the gym. But the absolute best girls in the gym are not even close to me at most things. Even the young ones that train a lot more and way harder than me and don’t drink heaps like me. So stupid.

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