The Only Six States That Matter In A Presidential Election

You might think that a US president is elected by all 50 states. And you would be wrong. A US president is only elected by six states. Yes, it’s insane, and it’s just the way the elites like it. I’ll explain how it works.

Because of very effective Societal Programming, most American sheep robotically vote for either the Democrat or Republican candidate based on what state they live in. For example, California always robotically votes for the presidential candidate who has a “D” at the end of their name, regardless of who it is. If you are a Californian and vote for the Republican candidate, you’ve literally wasted your time, because California is a solid left-liberal state and (pretty much) always goes towards the Democrat candidate.

The same goes if you’re a left-wing progressive living in a Republican state like Texas. Texans always robotically vote for Republicans, so the Republican candidate is going to get Texas, regardless of who the candidate is.

Yes, it’s dumb.

39 of the 50 states in the US are permanently brainwashed like this. Sometimes these states “flip” from one party to the other, but that’s rare, and when it does happen the state then permanently votes for the new party, just like it always voted for the old one. (As time goes on and the left-wing conquest of the West continues, you’ll see more and more of these states permanently flip to the Democrats.)

Therefore, these brainwashed states are pretty much ignored by presidential candidates. Isn’t that nice?

That leaves 11 states who are not always stuck to the D or the R. These are called swing states or battleground states, and they’re the only states that matter. Since everyone knows how the other 39 are going to vote, the actual presidential election really happens in these 11 battleground states.

However, it gets even worse, since five of these 11 are tiny and don’t have a lot of electoral votes, so we’re really talking about six states.

In order of importance, these six states are:

North Carolina

If you were wondering, the other five swing states that matter, but don’t matter nearly as much, are:

New Hampshire

That’s why, in the upcoming election, you’re going to hear nothing about California or New York, despite the fact they’re the among the largest states, and instead hear all kinds of talk about states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

So if you live in Florida, you have far more political power, in terms of selecting our next president, than I do living in Washington State (which robotically votes for the D every time).

If that sounds unfair, you’re right.

Many people blame this on the electoral college system the US uses to select our corrupt, warmongering, corporatist presidents. They’re half right. The electoral college is indeed to blame for some of this.

The problem is that if you eliminated the electoral college, you would simply shift the political power from the five or six battleground states to the five or six most populous states. Candidates for president would just need to focus on California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, and maybe Pennsylvania and Ohio, and never need to even visit another state to win. Unfair again.

This is one of the many reasons why I’ve always said the US should just chuck the entire presidential system, switch to a more parliamentary type of system, and use a prime minister who is appointed rather than elected.

Don’t get me wrong. Parliamentary systems suck too. I mean, they really, really suck. Just ask Europe. Yet they’re slightly less bad than the horribly unfair, ridiculously corrupt, unreasonably expensive, and undemocratic system we have now of selecting our next criminal president.

Anyway, if you want to predict who our next president will be, just watch the polls for the six important swing states above, and that will likely indicate who it will be. Trump’s polls in the swing states are sliding, reinforcing the odds I laid many months ago of 60% Hillary win, 40% Trump win. But a lot can happen from now until November that could change this.

Not that it matters of course. 🙂

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  • Lon Spector
    Posted at 08:11 am, 12th September 2016

    Dear God!
    The sociopathic hag has Parkinsons! Can you possibly imagine the implications
    of that?

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 12:36 pm, 12th September 2016

    And speaking of angry white men who can’t think rationally…

  • Eddie
    Posted at 01:29 pm, 12th September 2016

    So Caleb, I know the best move eventually will be to relocate, part-time. But what do you see over the next four years if Donald wins or Hillary wins.

    In regards to the economy (will it improve under Trump or Clinton)?
    Race relations (will it improve under Trump or Clinton)?
    Guns and Drugs (will it improve under Trump or Clinton)?
    War.. (will it improve under Trump or Clinton)?
    Immigration (will it improve under Trump or Clinton)?

    And the last one… Feminism/Masculinity..(will it improve under Trump or Clinton)? even though this may be a non-sequitur because most men in America have been so feminized and castrated, they’re FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Reason).

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 01:43 pm, 12th September 2016

    So Caleb, I know the best move eventually will be to relocate, part-time. But what do you see over the next four years if Donald wins or Hillary wins.

    You follow the advice I’ve always given. Get my book, follow its advice, and detach from the system as much as you can (as I talk about here and here) so this garbage won’t affect you as much as the typical person.

    Race, guns, drugs, war, immigration, feminism, and masculinity will ALL get worse in the US under Trump OR Clinton. It’s an inevitable tread line the entire Western world is following right now. Arguing over which one will get more worse under which candidate is a waste of time. They’re all getting worse, so detach from the system now. (And you don’t need to move out of the country to do most of this.)

    The goal is to get your life to a point to where you don’t have to worry about this stuff because it won’t harm you (or at least won’t harm you nearly as much). If feminism or war or race relations (for example) get worse, most people are going to have problems, but I won’t even notice in my own life. My financial life and sex life is separated from these things (as much as possible of course), by choice and by design, so I don’t care. That’s how you find happiness.

    Otherwise, if you need all of Western society to improve, you’ll never be happy. Because it isn’t going to improve. It’s on its way out.

  • Eddie
    Posted at 02:24 pm, 12th September 2016

    Great advice (and I do have your book)… thanks again.

  • Paul Murray
    Posted at 12:28 am, 13th September 2016

    We have instant runoff voting in Oz. It has a number of interesting consequences relating to the power of minor parties to horse trade and get parts of their platform enacted.

  • Lon Spector
    Posted at 05:39 am, 13th September 2016

    Sorry to say Caleb you will NOT be unaffected when Lady Macbeath assumes
    COMPLETE CONTROL! No more Constitution. No more First Amendment. No
    more Second Amendment. No more Supreme Court. Police Forces nationalized.
    Criminals freed from jail. Anarachy and rape the “New Normal.”
    You have females you feel affection towards? How would you like to see them
    dragged off screaming right under your nose? It’s already happening in Europe.
    It will be just like the film “Panic In The Year Zero.”

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 10:57 am, 13th September 2016

    Goodbye, Lon Spector. Remember that I warned you.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 10:58 am, 13th September 2016

    We have instant runoff voting in Oz.

    Yes, instant runoff voting is better, particularly if you have more than two viable parties running. However you also have mandatory voting in Oz, which is beyond insane.

  • Elkay Mann
    Posted at 01:49 pm, 26th November 2016

    Do you have any articles on voting systems, Caleb? I’m very interested on that topic.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 04:55 pm, 26th November 2016

    Not sure what you mean by voting systems. I plan on doing a post on the electoral college though.

  • Elkay Mann
    Posted at 06:22 pm, 27th November 2016

    Wikipedia defines them as “sets of rules which must be followed for a vote to be considered valid, and which set out how votes are cast, counted and aggregated to yield a final result”. (

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