The Three Life Phases of Alpha Male 2.0

While preparing for the Alpha Male 2.0 Younger Man Lifestyle Toolkit, which is getting released on April 16th for five days, I reminded myself how it’s important for men of all ages to understand how your life flows as an Alpha Male 2.0.

Unlike other lifestyle models presented for men on the internet and other places, Alpha Male 2.0 is a long-term lifestyle model that applies to you regardless of how old you are.

The pick-up artist lifestyle is great for men in their twenties or early thirties but doesn’t make much sense for men older than this (barring temporary exceptions to the rule).

Getting traditionally, monogamously married is a bad idea for anyone to do, but most people today agree that doing so is not a good idea for a young guy and is better left for men who are little older.

Getting a girlfriend, or going MGTOW, or finding Jesus and focusing on a traditional lifestyle, all of these things might make sense for certain men in certain times of their lives, but they don’t apply equally to men of all ages.

Alpha Male 2.0 does. It works for younger men, middle-aged men, and old men alike. There are men all over the world living the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle who are as young as 18 and as old as 79. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 79, Alpha Male 2.0 can apply to you. (I have not tested it with anyone over the age of 79… yet.) Again, it’s about long-term models.

One of the reasons for this is that the Alpha Male 2.0 model can be adjusted to “fit” any age range of a man. The basis for doing this is breaking up an Alpha Male 2.0 life into three distinct phases.

The Breakout Phase Approximate ages: 18-34

The first phase, and the most important one, is the Breakout Phase. This applies to younger men who have not yet become independent enough to build their life infrastructure, specifically a long-term woman life and a long-term business/financial foundation. Men in the Breakout Phase are temporarily limited by authority figures who limit their freedom and flexibility. These usually include parents, close family members, a boss (or bosses) at work, girlfriends (and in some extreme cases, wives), and sometimes even domineering or influential friends.

Men in the Breakout Phase are also often paralyzed by internal factors, especially cultural and family Societal Programming.

The Alpha Male 2.0 uses the Breakout Phase to “break out” from these limiting influences. He moves out of his parents’ home and lives on is own (though roommates are okay under certain conditions). He starts his Alpha 2.0 Business on the side and gets that income high enough where he can finally tell his boss to fuck off, quit his job, and become fully self-employed (since true freedom is unavailable to the employee lifestyle). If he has a girlfriend, he either nicely ends the relationship or downgrades the relationship with her to an FB or MLTR so he can be free. And so on.

Once he’s disengaged from these authority figures, he is now free to build the life he really wants, but not until then.

It’s important to note that just because he breaks away from these people doesn’t mean he never has them in his life. There’s nothing wrong with loving your mother and spending time with her occasionally. I do that myself. There is something wrong if you live with your mother and she constantly limits your schedule, or drags you down emotionally, or costs you a shitload of money.

The Breakout Phase begins when you turn 18 (or whatever age is considered legal adulthood where you live) and ends when you finally break away from the last authority figure in your life. For most guys under the Alpha Male 2.0 model, this happens some time around age 27 to 34 or so, though there are exceptions (there are indeed a few men in their late thirties and even forties who haven’t moved out of their Breakout Phase yet, and this is a growing problem in society.)

The Empire Building Phase – Approximate ages: 30-60

The second phase of life, and usually the longest, is the Empire Building Phase. Don’t take that term literally. The Alpha 2.0 doesn’t need to build an “empire” like Julius Caesar or Richard Branson. The beauty of the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle is that it doesn’t require you to make a lot of money.

Instead, the word “empire” applies to your personal empire, encapsulating the following seven items:

  • Your Alpha 2.0 Businesses
  • Your savings and investments
  • All of the women in your dating/sex life, including current women (FB, MLTR, OLTR, OLTR wife, etc) and past women (your roster)
  • Your home (or homes if you want to do something like five flags)
  • Your children (if you have them or want some someday)
  • Your Mission
  • Your health, anti-aging, and longevity

The Empire Building Phase is where you build all seven of those things. You spend your “prime years” as a man, meaning thirties, forties, and perhaps fifties, where you have the most intelligence and skill paired with a still reasonably young and healthy body to build the infrastructures you need to make you long-term happy as a man.

The Empire Building Phase is fun (if you do it right) and often very exciting. The problem is that you can’t start your Empire Building Phase until you completely break away from your authority figures during the Breakout Phase. It’s kinda difficult to maintain several FBs and MLTRs on rotation if you live with your mom, just like it’s pretty hard to scale your amazing Alpha 2.0 business if you have to report to your corporate job 40 or 50 hours a week.

The Empire Building Phase usually lasts around two or three decades, but there are many exceptions to this, and some men burn through it in much shorter time than that.

Once you have all of your happiness-generating structures built, then you enter the final phase…

The Actualization Phase – Approximate age: 55+

The Actualization Phase is when you can start working on the highest level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which is self-actualization. This is essentially becoming the man you were always meant to be.

You weren’t meant to sit around and type on a computer eight hours a day for the rest of your life. That is not the man you were meant to be. Instead, you have to do that because you have bills you need to pay. You weren’t meant to spend time with your finger swiping chicks on Tinder. Instead, you have to do that because right now you don’t have enough women in your sex life.

Once you reach the Actualization Phase, these things are no longer concerns in your life.

Money isn’t a problem anymore, because you have plenty of it (via your savings and investments) and because you have plenty coming in (via your 2-4 Alpha 2.0 Businesses that keep generating money even though they barely require any work on your part to maintain).

Sex and women isn’t a problem anymore because you have plenty of women already (a nice portfolio of active, hot, solid, long-term FBs, MLTRs, and/or perhaps an OLTR or OLTR wife). If any drop off occurs, you’ve got a huge roster from which to draw upon. You never need to get any new women unless you want to purely for fun, and even then, you’re so good at getting new women at this point it takes virtually no time.

When all of these baselines are taken care of, you can now stop building your empire and start doing those things you have always been called to do. You can travel the world, or support charities, or explore your spirituality, or devote yourself to a religion, or focus on your children and grandchildren, or create beautiful art, or whatever else is inside you. You’ve got plenty of money and women now, so you have the time to explore these things.

You can even use your Actualization Phase to continue building your empire if you want, but, and this is important, you do it only because you enjoy doing it and it’s what truly calls to you in your heart, not because you need the money, because you don’t.

(If you were curious of where I am in life, I am on the tail end of my Empire Building Phase. I’m cranking my empire building at 110% with a white-hot fury and loving every minute of it. I will do this until I am 52 years old (or so) in 2024 at which time I will switch over into my Actualization Phase. In two weeks I turn 48, so I’ve got four more years of empire building left. I intend on making the most of it because I want my Actualization Phase to be even better than my Empire Building Phase, which is going to be hard since my Empire Building Phase has been the happiest time of my life so far.)

If you are a younger guy, the Alpha Male 2.0 Younger Man Lifestyle Toolkit is over eight hours of video and audio training on how to maximize your Breakout Phase so that you will profit both in business and in your woman life both now and in your subsequent life phases. It will be available on April 16th at 4pm EST for just five days. I will be doing a live webinar on April 16th at 2pm EST, with an open Q&A session, specifically for how to be successful as a younger man in his Breakout Phase. Go here to register.

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